What is there to do in Honduras?

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Honduras is now famous for it's beautiful white sand and turquoise beaches, especially the parisidiac Bay Islands. These are inside the mesoamerican barrier reef system; the second largest in the world. Roatan, the largest of the three major islands, has become one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean. Real estate has it going on it's side. The location of Roatan is ideal given that it is out of the hurricane zone.

On the mainland Honduras also boasts an extensive (unmatched in central America) coast of white sandy beaches. There are impressive national parks where people can get in touch with nature and waterfalls in the midst of tropical rain forests wich have interesting flora and founa and sometimes in the midst of dusk cold clouds. Very nice!
The most important towns are San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. There is plenty of nightlife, alot of shopping, and alot of gastronomy to enjoy in these cities. You can also chill at any of the American fast food franchises widely available in Honduras.
You can go rafting at pico bonito in La Ceiba or you can discover the mystery of Mayan civilization at an impressive museum at Copan. You can visit the fresh and mountainous capital and visit the old presidential house, the Museum of National Identity or the Chiminike Museum (For sure you won't be dissappointed with any of these). You can visit the Cristo del Picacho or the La Leona parks and see the city view, or you can carefully wander around the central park and visit the beautiful catholic temples there, or you can go visit the Basilica de la Virgen de Suyapa, central America's largest cathedral and very arguably the nicest, and see the view from there while getting in touch with the country people that travel to ask the virgin for miracles. You can taste some of the best coffee in the world and smoke the finest cigars in the world.
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Where is Honduras?

Honduras is in Central America (between North and South Americancontinents). The country lies between the Caribbean Sea and thePacific Ocean and is bordered by Nicaragua, El S

What is Honduras food?

it mostly involves beans, rice, tortillas, meat, and potatoes. they also love coffee and grow bananas.

How do you get to Honduras?

International flights come form all over the world especially to San Pedro Sula, the Tegucigalpa (the capital) and few too La Ceiba. Some Cruise lines stop on the Bay Islands
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Who runs Honduras?

Former head of US congress, Roberto Micheletti.
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Why Honduras is named Honduras?

When the Spanish arrived in 1521 they found mountains and hills that were very deep and when they get out of there, they say, "Thank God we Got out of these depths", Which tra
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Are Honduras and British Honduras the same?

Hi, Honduras and British Honduras are different. British Honduras was the old name of what now we call Belize. And Honduras is still Honduras, the country above El Salvador, E