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What is ticking in the fur?

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Ticking is a noise like pattern on fur seen on squirrels or tabby cats among other animals with fur. It is cause by a lighter colour on the base of the fur , usually a pale beige colour and a darker fur tip.
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Why is the dog tick medicine mostly on her fur?

  Flea and tick treatment   When appling any topical tick or flea prevention follow your vet's or the package instructions. Make sure you part the the hair and apply

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you get ticks whilst camping or spending alot of time outdoors with no long trousers or protection. The female tick will climb on the human in the daylight not at night ,and l

Can a dog get a tick from a dog who has a tick?

It is very unlikely, though not impossible, as ticks tend to have one blood meal before dropping off the animal to grow into the next stage of their life cycle. Ticks like lon

What do you do if you have a tick?

if you want to get a tick of don't kill it when its on you ! after you get it of kill it and check for any left behind legs in your skin .

What is fur?

  Answer   Fur is a type of soft thing. It is like your hair but softer.

Why you can not burn tick or squeeze tick?

The reason for not squeezing an attached tick is that that will push the contents of its stomach back into the wound. Do you really want bug vomit in your blood? I didn't thin

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ticks are unpleasant small creatures; they tend to jump into dogs. that's why dogs scratch at their neck so much. check my blog for pictures i can't tell you my website, but i