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INDIA is a country in Asia. This country is known for its culture, food, etc . (:
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How is India?

Absolutely Great India is doing fine. It is improving in many fields (: The education is very good... welll its proven that India is top in education soo good job to them (:

Where is India?

India is a country in extreme southern central Asia, on the Indian Ocean. It is south of the Himalayas that separate it from the Tibetan Plateau. India is located in the So

How can you get to India?

Well If you like in europe of north america you have to go by plane but if you live in asia and close to india you might be able to drive. from north america to india it t

What do India where?

Indians basically is a multi cultural country and has adopted people from all over the world. The ancient dres code was generally dhoti kurta but as the age passed the Indians

What is India?

India , officially the Republic of India (Hindi: भारतगणराज्य Bhārat Gaṇarājya ; see also other Indianlan

What does India have?

India has large population and large army basej. India is self sufficiend In Rice and Wheat Production. India has 28 states. India has large amount of underground water level.
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What do you get from India?

You can get many things such as spices, jewels, artefacts, decorations, and many more...hope this helped!
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What does India not have?

India has everything. There is nothing India doesn't have. It is a wonderful place to live. Come and visit India today. It is a great place to live life to the extreme.
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How did he get to India?

he walked from his home and then he got a donkey and road to thehalf way and then he got a horse for the rest of the way