What is visionary semiotics?

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The subject of Visionary Semiotics covers the impactful images and signs witnessed in visions, meditations, or dreams that signify a future.
A visionary semiotic (VS) is any such image or sign, or collection of images or signs in any dream or vision.
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What is the criteria for a visionary?

The capacity to see beyond the curtain of current reality. note from fkalich....this is an example how a language changes, in this case due to ignorance. Up to recent tim

What is semiotics?

Semiotics is the study and theory of symbols and signs and theirinterpretation or use. Analyzing the systems of communicationincluding clothing, gestures, and language.

What is visionary?

A visionary is a person who actively sees the possibilities in thefuture. They execute their visions by establishing a plan that willwork for them.

What is a visionary director?

Kind of like a regular director, but he/she decides what lighting will be used, camera angles, basically how everything looks.

What is a visionary goal?

A visionary goal is something you think of your self doing in the future that you try really hard to achieve.

What are some examples of semiotics?

Semiotics is concerned with everything that can be taken as a sign. This means not only the signs we recognize in common speech, but also whatever may "stand for" another thin

What is the difference between semiotics and linguistics?

the relation between semiotics and linguistics is that : semioticsdeals with language , while linguistics is the scientific stydy ofa language ; which means there is a solide
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What is the synonym for visionary?

speculative, romantic, dreaming, fantastic, ideal, idealistic, imaginary, noble, idealized
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What rhymes with visionary?

expeditionary, preliminary, military, missionary, tributary, dictionary, dignitary, canary, fairy, hairy, very, Larry
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What does a visionary do?

A person who creates there own ideas about what the future might be like, or look like.