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Summary of the interview by Christopher Silvester?


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Part - I

The Interview - a commonplace of journalism: Since its invention a little over 130 years ago, the interview has become a commonplace of journalism. All the literates must have read an interview at some point in their lives.

Different opinions about Interview: Some claim that an interview is a source of truth and in its practice,· it is an art. While some others think that interview is an unwarranted intrusion into their lives and somehow it diminishes them.


Umberto Eco is a professor at the university of Bologna in Italy. He has accomplished a good reputation for his ideas on semiotics (the study of signs). He has written'! wide range of books. His novel 'The Name of the Rose' brought him name and fame. Mukund asks Umberto how he can do so many things in his life. Eco reveals a secret about himself. He says that we all have a lot of' empty spaces' in our lives. He calls them 'interstices'. If we fill empty spaces with our work, we can achieve a lot of success in our life. He also tells Mukund that he considers himself a university professor who writes novels on Sundays. He became a novelist by chance.