What is your position on the issue of registering women for the draft?

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Did Barack Obama register for the draft?

In 1980, Congress reinstated the registration requirement (Proclamation 4771); all males born after Jan 1, 1960 needed to register. Since 0bama was born after 1960, he woul

Why is the military draft a controversial issue?

Some people feel it's a violation of our American freedom being that the government is "forcing" you to join the military. Also another problem is that the people in charge of

What is a position issue?

A position issue is an issue that different parties disagree on, as opposed to a valence issue, which is an issue that the electorate generally all takes one side on.

For what name you have to issue demand draft?

It depends on your requirement. Usually a DD has to be drawn/issued in the name of the person who will encash it. Lets say you want to apply for B.E in BITS Pilani, along w

Do you have to register for draft?

You have to register by law if you are male upon turning 18. If you dont then you will be exempt from some federal jobs and most all government jobs.

How did men register for the draft?

They would go to the local Post Office. There are Selective Service Forms there that would be filled out and given to the clerk. That would be sent to the local draft board. T
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Do men have to register for the draft in the US today?

There is currently no draft in the US. However, the US requires male residents between 18 and 26 years old to be registered with the Selective Service System. ALL male residen
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What is your position on the issue?

July 10, 2001 The long-awaited decision * by British Columbia Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Brenner was released on Tuesday, July 10, 2001. The 325 page written re
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What is the draft issue procedure?

You can walk into any bank's branch and ask them for a demand draft requisition form. Once you fill the form and pay the money required the bank will issue you the DD you want