What jobs can you get with a bachelor?

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The type of jobs a person can get with a bachelor degree would depend on what the degree was for. If the degree was in elementary education a person would be able to get a job teaching any grade from first to sixth in most elementary schools.

What jobs can you get with a bachelor in psychology?

With only the bachelors degree you could get a job in human resources, corrections, probation, parole, counselling, research, health services, early childhood education, etc.

What jobs can I get with a bachelors in English?

You can do quite a lot of things, although job security isn't always solid. Teaching, journalism, freelance writing, secretarial work, translating, ghost writing, authoring,

What jobs can you get with a bachelor degree in psychology?

Jobs with a Degree in Psychology Here are suggestions from various WikiAnswers contributors: . This is influenced by many factors. One example is the state you live in

Jobs for bachelor of fine arts?

what job opportunities That is actually a good question and a good answer. There aren't many jobs available right now, and in a rough economy art is usually the first thing to

What job can you get with a Bachelors in theater?

"Welcome to McDonalds, would you like an apple pie with that?". But on a more serious note it would most likely be as a stage hand according to my friend, and an Associates w