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What kind of flowers are native to Italy?

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National Flower of ItalyThe love for values, beliefs and customs of the Italians is easily seen in the symbolic flowers of Italy. The flower emblems of the country have been alienated in to three categories-The traditional symbolic flower for Italy is Rose while, White Poppy or White Lily serves as religious symbolic flower and according to popularity Violet is considered a flower symbol in the country
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What is meant by a native flower or plant?

a flower or plant that is typically naturally grown (i.e. mother nature) in a specific location or environment. Like oranges mostly grow in Florida so its native there then tr

What are some plants native to Italy?

A few of the plant species that grow exclusively in Italy are the  following:    Sicilian Fir Abies  nebrodensis  Italian Bellflower Campanula isophylla  Iris marsic

What is the native flora and fauna in Italy?

  The cold northern mountains will harbor plants like the beech, fir, pine,ash, yew, maple, with the alpine flowers like the Trumpet Gentian, Glacial Buttercup , Spring Pa

What is the native flower of Fiji?

Lake Tagimaucia is one of Taveuni's most famous tourist attractions. It occupies a volcanic crater at an altitude of 800 meters, and is the habitat of the rare tagimaucia flow

What is the national flower of Italy?

Italy does not have an official national flower.    However Italy does sometimes use the lily. But the lily does not  officially represent Italy, it is the coat of arm

What are popular native foods of Italy?

Olives ( many varieties). Figs Tomatoes(Calabria for sundried), (San Marzano for canned) Trebbiano Grapes for Balsamic vinegar and wine( also many other grape varieties)

What flowers are native to China?

China does not have an "official" national flower, but the tree peony can be regarded as a national favorite. The tree peony (mudan) received the most votes in a survey conduc