What kind of jobs do people in Asia have?

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In Jobs, Asia
The same kinds as people elsewhere.
They mostly work on anything but especially agriculture, technology, engineering, and manufacturing.
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What kind of jobs do the Islamic people have?

Muslims can have many kind of jobs, but they are discouraged from doing jobs that contradict Islam. For example, selling alcohol or pork because Islam forbid drinking alcohol and eating pork. However if they are working for someone else (like a supermarket) than sometimes it might be ok if they a (MORE)

What kind of jobs do people have in Madagascar?

they have most all jobs that America has what the hell that tells you nothing they had Administration Advertising Agriculture Architecture Art Banking and Finance Building Charity Chemical Commerce Consulting Defence Design Education Elec (MORE)

What kind of jobs deal with people?

Very few jobs have no human interaction. Unless you live alone and work from home, you will have to deal with co-workers. Jobs that deal with the general public include food and retail, customer service, public/civil service, and healthcare industries. Also Psychiatrist, social worker etc

What are the kind of jobs that makes people happy?

High-pay jobs such as: . 1. Movie Directors: $185.71/hr; $956,050/yr. 2. Bank CEO : $111.42/hr; $567,050/yr (entry level). 3. Actors: $91.15/hr; $357,430/yr. 4. Athlete: $71.31/hr; $131,680/yr. 5. Computer programmer: $64.3/hr; $126,940/yr. 6. Actuaries, certified: $57.52/hr; $119,680 (base s (MORE)

What kind of jobs do people do in Kenya?

Agriculture remains the dominant sector, it contributed about 24% to the GDP. Nevertheless, other sectors like manufacturing, tourism and business services also make significant contributions. You can get more information at: Softkenya.com

What kind of jobs do people do in Arkansas?

Nurses . Teachers/Professors . Doctors/dentists/dermatologists/optometrists/pharmacists . Surgeons . Waitresses/Waiters and all food services . Veterinarians . Taxi/Limo/Bus drivers . Bar tenders . Farmers . Business/office jobs . Factory workers . Journalists . Radio personality . (MORE)

What kind of jobs do people have in Africa?

Africa is just another place: not everyone in Africa lives in the Serengeti sleeping in tents and wearing animal skins. There are Lawyers in Africa, Doctors in Africa, Builders in Africa, Investors in Africa, Engineers in Africa. Any industry in the world exists just the same in Africa as it does e (MORE)

What kind of jobs do people in Texas have?

Really? Texas is a large state containing coastal regions, border towns, large cities, and rural areas. These locations offer several industries employing millions of people: Prisons Retail Food Service Medical Manufacturing Technology Waste management Home Services Construction Sales Advertising Th (MORE)

What kind of jobs do people have in japan?

A lot of men work in factories that build a kind of things. Men will also work as a cop, fire men, paramedic, doctor, nurse, or just have an office job. Women tend to work as a waitress, secretaries, cashier, and a teacher.

What kind of jobs do Hindu people do?

well mostly anything in the science field. Doctor, and i had biology and physics teachers who were both indian. there's is stereotype that all hindus work at seven eleven.

Do the people have jobs in Australia if so what kind?

Australia is a modern western country with a reasonably low rate of unemployment. Virtually any jobs found in other countries are found in Australia. There are professional positions such as teachers, doctors, IT workers and accountants. There are manual jobs and skilled tradespeople, such as plumbe (MORE)

What kind of job do people who react fast get?

If you are a person with a fast reaction time there are some careers where can be helpful in. Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians or any first responder department would need someone with a fast response time.

What kind of jobs do disabled people have?

There are many kinds of disabilities, so many people have things they can and cannot do. Almost any job can be done with someone with some sort of disability. Obviously certain disabilities cannot do certain jobs, but a person with a different kind of disability may be able to do that job. So people (MORE)

What kinds of jobs did people have in Jesus time?

Bakers . Butlers . Cooks . Grinder or miller . Fishermen . Hunters . Shepherds . Herdsman . Farmer . Judges . King . Governor . Deputy or proconsul . Armor bearer . Commander . Soldiers . Jailers . Publicans . Scribes . Carpenters . Metal workers . Merchants . Potter . Mason . (MORE)

What kind of jobs did the hopi people have?

None, in the modern sense. The men were in charge of the fields and ceremonies, the women in charge of houses and children, so they did whatever was needed in those areas.

What kinds of jobs did the people in ancient Sparta have?

Most of them were warriors, they spent most of their time training for war. Lifestyles around 200 BC were based on conquering. Of course their were farmers and herders. Also, they probably had a lot of jobs in trading and sailing.

What kind of jobs do people have that live in Texas?

Texas is a large state with a diverse economy; there are thousands of different kinds of jobs that people have in Texas. There are 3 types of jobs which deserve particular mention, those being working in the oil industry (extracting and refining petroleum), cattle ranching, and fishing in the Gulf o (MORE)

What kinds of jobs do people in Alabama have?

People in Alabama have the same types of jobs as people in other states. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top jobs in Alabama (calculated by the number of people employed in each type of job) are office and administrative support, sales and related occupations, production occupations (MORE)

What kind of jobs do Fijian people have?

A brief overview of employment in Fiji indicates Native Fijianstend to work in the tourism/hospitality industry, whileIndo-Fijians are more likely to work in trades and as technicians. Otherwise, people of Fiji work in exactly the same kind ofoccupations as do those in the rest of the world.