What kind of music do babies like to listen to?

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Babies prefer soothing classical music or cheerful nursery rhymes/rhythms.
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What kind of music do Pennsylvanians listen to?

The variety and styles of music enjoyed by people in Pennsylvania (and everywhere else) changes with the times. However, classical music endures and for some so will gangsta rap. A few will be Beetles or Elvis fans forever. A much smaller number will take pleasure in the works of Stephen Foster or t (MORE)

What kind of music did Jesus listen to?

He probably didnt. There wasnt very much music back then. Then again, he may have listened to some folk music from Gailee, as that is where he is from. Even if this was true, I think he cared much more about humanity than he did music.. He probably didnt. There wasnt very much music back then. Then (MORE)

What kind of music do Italians listen to?

I heard some Italian radio stations. And they play mostly pop and classic music. But I think that the Italians listen to every music genre. Your answer should be: What kind of music do Italians most listen to?

What kind of music do Australians listen to?

Australians listen to all kinds of music, including classical, country, popular, alternative, heavy metal and Christian contemporary.. Australians listen to a variety of music, just like the rest of the world. They enjoy popular, classical, contemporary, Christian, Eastern and country, among others (MORE)

What kind of music do Hawaiians listen to?

Like any place, a lot of different music- but there are local artists that play a local Hawai'ian sound. Some of them play ukelele, some play "slack key" guitar. Local artists have included Kaolo and Kapono Beamer, The Kahala Boys, Brudder Iz, and my favorite, Amy Gilliom. Of course, anything with a (MORE)

What kind of music did the Shawnee listen to?

Traditional music like drumming and singing mostly. Gourd and/or deer toe rattles were also utilized, as well as the flute. You can still find this alive and well on the powwow circuit or in traditional homes and tribes.

What kind of music do Brazilians listen to?

ohhh! i got it, its choro, sertanejo, brega, forro, frevo, samba, bossa nova, MPB, Brazilian rock, axe, and like many many others ^_^ i thank my teacher!!! whoo imma get a good grade in geography!!!

What kind of music can Muslims listen to?

At the prophet time everyone sang a song for the prophet. So technically you are allowed to listen to music as long as it hasn't got a bad meaning which is against our religion. My uncle Is an imam in East London mosque and he has billions of CDs in his room with music and his favourite song is by t (MORE)

What kind of music do Russians listen to?

They listen to different kinds of music, and Russian pop its justlike the same as the United States. There is no single style of music that is popular. Instead, thereis the usual mix of pop, rock, and r&b that is fed to themasses through mainstream media, much like in the west.

What kind of music do Indians listen to?

if your talking about indians on an average ,they listen to all kinds but the urban ones love genres like rock , pop and rap. http://youtu.be/8OVGbdOG7dA here's an example of indian rock.

What kind of music do algerians listen to?

Algeria has a very divers and rich choices in music but the most popular would be Raï (Ex. Cheb Khaled, Cheb Mami, Raina Rai) Chaabi (Dahmen El Harachi, El Guerouab, Reda Doumazi) Indalous (Tahar Fergani, Amine Mesli) Kabyle (Idir, Ait Menguelet) Gnawi (Gnawa Difusion) Well, let's say (MORE)

What kind of music do romanians listen to?

Depends: Folk (Muzica traditionala) for older generation and for those with roots in countryside. Modern music (Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, etc.):For younger generations. Classic+"Romance Language" music: For "inCity" living older generation. Gypsy music+"hill-billy style"- All generation but is hated by (MORE)

What kind of music does Luxembourg listen to?

The Music of Luxembourg is an important component of the country's cultural life. The prestigious new Philharmonie concert hall provides an excellent venue for orchestral concerts while opera is frequently presented in the theatres. Rock, pop and jazz are also popular with a number of successful p (MORE)

What kind of music do people in denmark like to listen to?

Of course, everyone listens to something different and it depends a lot on your age and who you hang out with. The younger teenagers before they go to high school often listen to a lot of American pop and (all kinds of) techno. When you go to high school you often find yourself more receptive to a (MORE)

What kind of music does Canada listen to?

Canada is a country, and as such, it is inanimate and incapable of listening to or enjoying music. The people who reside in Canada likely have their own individual tastes in music.

What kind of music do Iraqis listen to?

Iraqi music which is Arab music and somewhat influenced by Persian music. Until the fall of Saddam Hussein, the most popular radio station was the Voice of Youth, which used to play the popular music of Iraq to continue the culture of the country. The station also played a mix of rock, hip hop a (MORE)

What kind of music do Mexican listen to?

What the heck... why does it matter? Aren't we all people? everyone has different likes and dislikes in music regardless of race. Just because someone is Mexican doesn't mean they're going to like a different type of music then an American or that all Mexicans listen to the same type of music. Get y (MORE)

What kind of music do buddhist listen to?

It depends on which Buddhists, and it depends on which country: not all Buddhists practice their religion the same way, and not all Buddhists like the same kind of music. For example, American Buddhists are accustomed to the popular music of the US and unless they are studying to be monks or nuns, t (MORE)

What kind of music do Koreans listen to?

The Pop scene in Korea is really famous In fact, it is well known all over the world. They also have hiphop groups, rap groups and bands like FT ISLAND, and CN BLUE. But KPOP is most famous, or so it seems.

What kind does china listen to music?

they listen many kind of music. no only listen Chinese music,but also Americans. also listen to other countrys music i am a Chinese from china. so i knows it.

What kind of music did the Romans listen to?

They played there own music because they couldent just turn on an ipod so they played it here are some examples Some Roman Instruments.... Tuba (trumpet) Trigonum (small harp) Sambuca (big harp) Buccina (horn trumpet) Cymbalum (cymbals) They thought of it as a hobby

What kind of music is listened to in japan?

Japanese listen to a wide variety of music, just like people in the west. Currently, K-pop and western pop/rap music is very popular in the charts and this is listened to by many Japanese youth. Japan has a rich modern-music history, however, quite famously with JRock and Jpop, and the notorious Vis (MORE)

What kind of music do Israelis listen to?

Israelis have incredibly diverse taste in music. American Music is generally popular, especially among younger Israelis. There is also a wide range of Israeli and Middle Eastern Music that is very popular, usually in Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi (in that level of commonality). There is a stron (MORE)

What kind of music do liberians listen to?

We listen to a variety of music, because West Africa has many influences in their music so we listen to Soca, Sierra leon is next door, so we listen to Ivorian music and Liberia consist of many tribes so many tribes have music in their language, but it also depends on the preference of the person, (MORE)

What kind of music does Iranians listen to?

Iranians tend to listen to their own cultural music in general but some also listen to some of the music from other countries too (ex. country, pop, electro, rock), all depends on where they live and what kind of family dynammic they have.

What kind of music does surfers listen to?

Whatever they desire to listen to. Im a surfer and I like modern garage rock and indie. But the stereotypical surfer listens to the California movement A.K.A skate punk and SoCal rock. Examples would be: the offspring, everclear, greenday and a bunch of others

What kind of music do they listen to in Pakistan?

Pakistan has a diverse Music industry of its own ranging from Pop, Rock, Gazal, Qawali, Rap e.t.c. Pakistani Music is listened throughout South Asian communities (e.g. India and Bangladesh). Similarly, Pakistani also enjoy Western (English) and Indian Bollywood music.

What kind of music Seohyun like to listen?

Maybe love song, the song that she is already sang with some of the boy from sm entertainment especially kyuhyun and her ex husband from the member of CNBLUE younghwa

What kind of music do mathematicians listen to?

Mathematicians don't all listen to the same genre of music. Some listen to country or dubstep or nerdcore or whatever their person preferences may lay, But i think that they should listen to dubstep, Ex : "40+50=, wait, WUBWUBWUB" Nvm then.

What kind of music did they listen to in 1980?

Not sure who you mean by "they",but the 80's where when synthesizers got really prominent, so lots of electric keyboards. Around 1981 the YAMAHA DX-7 synth became THE instrument to use, and it was monster! It was everywhere.

What kind of music did people listen to?

young kids listen to mostly pop, rock, hip hop, rap and even classical music! but u never know what grownups listen to, i found out my music teacher who is so kind,pretty and gentle listens to heavy metal music!! lol