What kind of stolen property is covered and does it have to be stolen from your house or car?

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You don't say what type of policy, I will assume homeowners, it depends on the policy form, most auto policies will not cover ANY personal property. Most homeowners policies may exclude the property ''while in or upon a land motor vehicle'' you need to review your policy, or contact your agent for clarity.
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Will homeowner's insurance cover a stolen car?

Answer . \nThe simple answer is NO. Homeowners policies will specifically exclude any vehicle licensed or intended for road use. To get coverage you will need to have Comp

Does home insurance cover stolen property?

Answer . i assume here you are talking about personal property? that is stolen? most do have personal property coverage, however there are strictly dwelling policys that c

A stolen Car hit my house?

Answer . file the police report, see if the city or county will foot the bill, tell your insurance company and they will try to collect on whomever they can.

Does car insurance cover items stolen from a car?

That depends on the policy that you have with your insurance company. When I had my truck broken into, my policy covered the iPod and stereo that were stolen, plus my rental w

Does homeowners insurance cover a car stolen off your property?

No, Never. An auto theft would have to be covered by the vehicle owners comprehensive auto insurance policy. A homeowners Insurance policy is not liable for the theft of a v

Does liability insurance cover a stolen car?

Liability Insurance and the Stolen Vehicle No, Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages or injuriesthat we cause to others. It does not provide coverage for our ownv

Property insurance cover stolen motorcycle?

No, your homeowners insurance would not provide coverage for the theft of your motorcycle, regardless of where you parked it. Homeowners insurance only provides coverage for c

Does auto insurance cover stolen cars?

Auto insurance will cover the theft of your vehicle if you maintain comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is generally sold in conjunction with collision coverage. Ho
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Will homeowners insurance cover golf clubs stolen from the car on the property?

Every homeowners policy is unique and you need to read through your policy to be sure but I can tell you that most homeowners policies will cover your personal property. Your
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What is covered if your car is stolen?

It depends on your insurance. If you only have third party insurance you get nothing. If it is a full comprehensive insurance, and if your car is not recovered, you will get c
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What sort of insurance will cover me if my property is stolen out of a friend's car?

This really depends on place to place, as per covers offered. There are addon covers to insure property in the car, which has to be opted for when taking the insurance for