What kind of training do police officers have to go through to become a police officer?

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they have to learn how to shoot and have to go through physical training they have to be strong and u have to learn about criminal justice
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In police officer training do you get tasered?

Only if the department requires their officers to carry a tazer. If so, then yes, all officers must be tasered If you do get tazered, you should make sure you Have no muscle i

What education and training is required to become a police officer?

Mostly its the same the world over. Powers of arrest, State laws and sometimes Federal laws, firearms and baton and equipment training (walkie-talkie). Computer and/ or typing

What education and training are required to become a police officer?

A four year degree in criminal justice would do nicely. - - - - - - - - All States in the USA have what are called Police Officer Standards Tests. These tests are administ

What training does it take to become a police officer?

Got to have a High School diploma first. Next step is either go to college or join the army. I joined the Army first, then went to college and got a 4yr degree in criminal