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The 1 official language of Greece is Modern Greek, spoken by 99% of the population.

Slightly more than 50% of the population can speak English as a second language.

Ancient Greek was spoken in ancient times. Many changes and simplifications have occured to Ancient Greek to form today's Modern Greek.

Many in Jewish minority also speak Ladino. The Muslim minority speaks Bulgarian, Romani, or Turkish. Other minority languages are Albanian, Macedonian, and Romanian.

Here is the list of all 16 languages that are locally recognized:

1. Albanian, Arvanitika
2. Albanian, Tosk
3. Aromanian
4. Bulgarian
5. Cappadocian Greek
6. Greek
7. Greek Sign Language
8. Greek, Ancient
9. Pontic
10. Romani, Balkan
11. Romani, Vlax
12. Romanian, Megleno
13. Romano-Greek
14. Slavic
15. Tsakonian
16. Turkish

Greek Sign Language was standardized in the 1950s when elements of American Sign language and French Sign Language were merged with local Greek signs.
The official language of Greece is Greek.

This breaks up into many dialects of Greek with subtle changes in pronunciation and so a Macedonian Greek, a Greek from Athens or Epirus and a Greek from the island of Crete will all understand each other very easily. This has its origins back to the time of Alexander the Great who took the four strands of Greek language, Doric, Attic, Ionian and Aeolic and created a common language which was named koine meaning common. There is a minority group of speakers in the state of Thrace who speak Turkish and many Greeks on the borders of Greece also speak an idiom of their neighbors.
The Greeks spoke and still speak Greek.
There are different forms of Greek (like English has Old English, Middle English etc)

  • Mycenaean Greek, (16th to 11th centuries BC)
  • Ancient Greek, (c. 1000-330 BC)
  • Koine Greek , (c. 330 BC-330 AD)
  • Medieval Greek or Byzantine Greek, (330-1453 AD)
  • Modern Greek, (from 1453 AD)

the official language for Greece is Greek.
Modern Greek (Greek: Ελληνικά)
Myceneaen was the earliest dialect of the Greek language, dating back to before 1200 BC. The Greek language boasts the longest recorded history of any European language. Today, the people of Greece speak modern Greek, which came from the original ancient form of the language.
Modern Greek
Modern Greeks speak the Greek language.
Greek is their official language.
They speak Modern Greek. They also study foreign languages in school, such as English and French).
The most common second language in Greece is English. In fact, many young, educated Greeks feel that Greek is a dying language as so few books are published in that language.
Greek, and some english
Greek is spoken in Greece.
Greek. Some areas you will find a form of Latin, and italian. In the north I am sure you will find some forms of slavic, and in the islands, arabic. But the language of Greece would be Greek.
Modern Greek, not to be confused with Ancient Greek, is the official language of Greece. English and French are also spoken in Greece. Turkish, Bulgarian and Romani are also spoken in some regions..
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