What languages are spoken in Nagaland India?

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The official language of Nagaland is English.
The Nagas, scattered in Nagaland and adjacent parts of Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar, do not form one homogeneous tribe but rather a constellation of numerous tribes. Each Naga tribe occupies its distinct territory, where it has certain rights over land, forest and water resources both at a collective level and in a private capacity.

All Nagas share a common core of cultural traditions and material traits, but unique customs, laws, dialects and other social institutions differentiate them from one another. Seventeen tribes in Nagaland and seven tribes in Manipur are classified as Naga Scheduled Tribes, but such ethnic categorization, a legacy of colonial constructions, does not match with the peoples' own ethno-cultural classification.

Nagamese is the Lingua-Franca used by all Naga tribes in Nagaland. Widely spoken by the tribal people of the state, Nagamese is basically a broken or simplified Assamese language. It has also been enriched with some words from Naga languages and Hindi. Nagaland's Nagamese has gained popularity due to the simplicity of the language. Since the language does not have any written script, it does not have grammatical complications. Nagamese has no use for gender classifications, which makes it easier. Nagamese is popular as the language of communication. Although there are many languages in the Nagaland, Nagamese acts as the interlink between these languages and helps in better communication.
The official language of Nagaland is English, but mostly kanyak is spoken. Every tribe in Nagaland has its own unique language. Nagas speak more than 20 different dialects (major 16 tribes in Nagaland including Kuki and Dimasa) belonging to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. The traditional languages do not have any script of their own. The Christian missionaries used Roman script for these languages.
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