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Is there an Italian language?

Yes , there is an Italian language. Specifically, the main language spoken and written throughout theItalian islands and peninsula is Italian. Within Italy, visitorsmay find

How is Italian language used in Australia?

The Italian language is used primarily by migrants who have moved to Australia. The language is not a mainstream subject in Queensland schools; but is a very common elective l

How do you say 'Italian dinner' in Italian language?

Italian dinner translated becomes cena italiana . Notice that the since the word cena is feminine, then the word italiano must change in order to fit in with theother wo

What is 'great Italian language' in Italian?

Ottima lingua italiana is an Italian equivalent of 'great Italian language'. The phrase is pronounced 'OHT-tee-mah LEEN-gwah ee-tah-LYAH-nah'. The feminine superlative 'otti

Is Italian language similar to greek language?

Not really nothing is really similar to Greek. Latin is the most similar language to Greek so therefore Italian and Spanish are the most similar languages today to Greek but G

Is the Italian language the language of love?

Yes , the Italian language may be called the language of love. But the same statement may be made about the Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese and French languages. These five - a
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What language do Italians use to say 'Hello'?

Italians in small town or village who are talking to people in the same village will usually use the local dialect of Italian such a Florentine, Milanese, Roman, Neapolitan, S

What are Italian languages?

Verbal and written communications of insular and peninsular Italy are what Italian languages are. The main language is Italian, but with local and regional variations. Other l