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What are the origins of the Italian language?

Latin There are many different influences on the Italian languages including French & Spanish and those 3 languages are called the romance languages rub off on each other an

Is Sicilian a different language from Italian?

  Yes it is. The Sicilian dialect incorporates Arabic,Spanish,Italian,Greek,Latin and many other languages because of Sicily's stratigic location in the center of ther Med

What language is the closest to Italian language?

Lexicon-wise, French is the closest to Italian with 89% of the word roots. Next is Catalan with 87%. Next is Sardinian (Sardinians also speak Italian) with 85%. Next is Spanis

What languages do Italian people speak?

  In Italy they speak Italian. In upmarket hotels and restaurants and some shops the staff usually speak English, too. They speak Italian

Is Italian language similar to greek language?

Not really nothing is really similar to Greek. Latin is the most similar language to Greek so therefore Italian and Spanish are the most similar languages today to Greek but G

How many words are in the Italian language?

Nearly a million ---------------- Nonsense. No language contains "nearly a million" words. That said, it's a difficult question to answer for any language. There are almost 1

What is the Italian language?

Italian is a great language! I am half Italian and half Portuguese and I love both of them! Let me tell Italians loveeeeeeeeeeeeee food!!!!! Christmas eve is always a big thin

How did the Italian language originate?

It slowly developed from Latin over many centuries and the language spoken today came specifically from the dialect spoken in Florence, due to the influence of Dante, Boccacci