What law or legislation covers employees during first contract negotiations?

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The UNAM¨s own legislation for its employees
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Can employees file a rd petition during contract negotiations?

An RD petition may be filed anywhere between 90 and 60 days of the contract's expiration. It's best to file comfortably in the middle of this range in order to fulfil the "pos

How can a employee be perpared to negotiate a salary?

There are several steps to take when preparing for a salary negotiation. First of all it is very important that you do prepare. Research shows that one of the key explanation

What is a contract employee?

A contract employee is someone who is "contracted" for some specific work, rather than being "in house". Once the terms of the contract are fulfilled, the employment is termin

What law was the first legislation regarding national gun control?

You are probably looking at the National Firearms Act in 1934. This was passed in response to the Valentine's Day Massacre where Al Capone's gangsters had used machine guns. G

Why do employees need to understand legislative requirements as contract law?

egislative requirements refer to the laws that you operate under when you begin work in a legal office. For example, everything you hear and do at the legal practice is govern

Does federal law prevail over union negotiated contracts?

Yes. Federal law, state law and even municipal law prevail over negotiated contracts. A contract that requires one party to violate the law (e.g. a contract for an assassin
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What is negotiating contracts?

It is the give and take about the clauses of the agreement. It means discussing the pricing, delivery terms and other aspects of the obligations.