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What lifestyle choices have been correlated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease?

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Smoking, lack of excercise, and a diet rich in animal fat each increase the risk of a number of cardiovascular diseases.
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How can you reduce risk of cardiovascular disease?

Don't smoke. Eat healthy. Exercise. Keep your weight within the range that the American Health Association recommends, based on your height, age and physique. Once an adult, g

What are risk factors for lifestyle diseases?

controllable risk factors . diet and body weight . daily levels of physical activity . level of sun exposure . smoking and alcohol abuse uncontrollable risk factor

What are the risk factors for cardiovascular disease?

There are various factors that may put a person at risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. A common one is smoking (clogs the arteries, can lead to atherosclerosis). Poor

Does a sedentary lifestyle increase your risk for heart disease?

Yes. Exercise allows for improved blood flow and circulation and reduced incidence and prevalence of coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure.

What lifestyle increases the risk of cardiovascular disease?

The intake of fatty/unhealthy food, smoking, and lack of exercise all attribute to the heightened risk of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disesase is often hereditary,

How does smoking increase your risk of cardiovascular disease?

the tar and ashes from the cigarette can get lodged in your heart as it's passing it through your bloodstream. from there, you can either A. get a bloodclot and die B. have
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What are risk factors for cardiovascular disease?

Over the previous two decades, scientists have unearthed many riskfactors for developing cardiovascular disorders. These include: smoking high cholesterol hypertension (hyper