What lives by the thames river?

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EMUS?? :-) I dare say there might be some emus there, but most of "what" lives by the R. Thames is "who" - they are called Londoners!
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What lives in the river Thames?

The fish species listed below are some of those caught in the River Thames between Fulham and Tilbury since 1964. The list is not necessarily indicative of the species that are currently present. The fish include freshwater, estuarine, and marine fish.. Allis Shad Barbel Bass Bleak Brown Trout Bull (MORE)

Where is the River Thames?

The River Thames flows through central London, it also flows through several other towns and cities, including Oxford, Reading and Windsor. The River Thames is in England. The river Thames is in central London, the river flows through several other towns and cities, including Oxford, Reading and W (MORE)

What animals live by the River Thames?

There are several bird species that are found in River Thames, including The Mute Swan, The Canada Goose, The Mallard Duck, The Greylag Goose, The Great Crested Grebe, The Coot, The Grey Heron and The Moorhen. You can also find mammals such as The Water Vole, The Otter and The American Mink.

What animals live near the river thames?

The badger, mink, and the red fox live near the river Thames. Thereare also a number of birds that live near the river Thamesincluding the heron and a variety of ducks.

Is the River Thames Polluted?

i don't need to tell you because its so big it is very polluted. i would hope not but it is. this answer was made by Finley Dale

Which Continent is the River Thames on?

The River Thames is in England which is on the European Continent. There are also other River Thames'. There was a River Thames in New Zealand until it's name was changed to the River Waihou. This is on the Australian Continent. There is a River Thames in Canada which runs through Ontario. Also (MORE)

Where is the river Thames and the river Nile?

The river Thames is in England and is the river which flows through London. The river Nile is in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda and is the river which flows through Cairo, Egypt.

Which animal lives near the river thames?

Animals that live near the river Thames in England are the WaterVole, the Otter, and the American Mink. Some birds by the riverThames include the Mallard Duck, The Coot, the Canadian Goose andthe Mute Swan.

Does anyone live near the river thames?

The River Thames runs right through the centre of London, England. Many towns and cities originate on the banks of rivers as they are valuable rescources for water, food and transport.\n. \nLondon is no different and hundreds of thousands of people now live alongside the River Thames.

How many islands does the river Thames have?

River Thames has about 5 islands on it and the River tames is in London Another answer The River Thames, does in fact, contain over 80 islands ranging from the large marshlands of the Isle of Sheppey, Isle of Grain and Canvey Island to small islets like Rose Isle in Oxfordshire and Headpile (MORE)

Is there facts about the river thames?

The river Thames is 215 miles long and passes through Oxford and London before flowing into the North Sea. It is tidal all the way to Teddington on the western outskirts of London.

Do crabs live in the River Thames?

The answer is yes! We found part of a 17th century clay pipe at low tide today 08/09/12, by Wandsworth Park in Putney. When we got it home to clean it, we discovered a live baby crab inside the bowl. We are now trying to find out as much about it as we can, species, etc. If you know anything please (MORE)

Does the River Thames still flood?

Well it does still flood because it flooded in December 25 26 27 2012 so guys beware this could be a sighn Don't worry guys just messing with u

What are facts river thames?

It is 212 miles long, flows through Oxford, Windsor and London and discharges into the North Sea. It also has a flood barrier to protect London from an exceptionally high tide. The original London Docks were on the river Thames but modern ships are now too big to get upriver to London.

What are the river thames' physical features?

the physical features are the meanders that bend throughout the rivers and how long the river is the depths and its source which starts near Kemble in glosstishere and ends between Essex and Kent also other physical features are the bank side of the rivers.

What is next to river Thames?

London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, St Thomas Hospital, London Aquarium, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, City Hall, HMS Belfast, Westminster Abbey and much more.

What facts about the river thames?

The river Thames is the second longest river in Britain - the Severn is just slightly longer. It flows through Oxford, Reading and London before discharging into the North Sea. The Cherwell, Wey and Medway are its main tributaries. It is tidal as far as Teddington in West London and has a flood barr (MORE)

What animals live on the River Thames' banks?

it depends on the species of animal that lives in that den. if the den collapses then you need to call animal control or need to uncover the animal,if there is an animal inside who is trapped. if you dont try to save it then you can feel the guilt of it cause it would be your fault that the poor, un (MORE)