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What makes sink shower bath and toilet plumbing release sewage smell when water is draining?

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Bad venting system and possibly an untrapped, or dry trap on the shower's drain. Does this envolve a bathroom addition? sounds like something is improperly vented...or your traps siphone due to improper distance between the elbow and downpipe
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Can the drains for a shower and sink come before the drain for the toilet Example the sink and shower then comes toilet then enters main stack?

In my experience I've seen this type of scenario in older buildings. Usually the sink will tie into the stack in the wall while the shower generaly connects in below the toile

Why does water in your toilet sink and bathtub drain clockwise?

  Because of subtle factors such as the way the water was moving when you hit the drain, (Neutons Law of motion) or if the faucet is slightly off center thus causing the s

How do you plumb kitchen sink drains?

Sorry but the original question can not be answered here, as you need to understand plumbing codes and in the end you must follow local codes. Same as this question, how to

Why has the water from bath sink fill toilet but toilet has no pressure to flush properly water drains out but does not flush?

Up along the rim of the toilet there are little holes that pour the water out when the toilet is flushed. Check the holes, they get clogged from build up over the years... Use