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What are the non-democratic countries in Africa?

The only country in Africa with a non-democratic form of governmentis Swaziland. All the other countries are either republics orconstitutional monarchies, which are both democratic governments.

What makes Nepal non democratic?

its the way the nation is governed, its not controlled by a person at the top, thenscalling down like a pyramid, until you get to the people who voted then in, its an "olla garcki" (is they way it sounds) so they have more like a higher sociallty that controll everything, like knights in the old day (MORE)

What makes myanmar non democratic?

It is non-democratic because when the people voted for Aung San Suu Kyi to be their president, the military had her arrested, and placed under house arrest. They have refused to hand over power to her and continue to subject the people to their military dictatorship. They have had many thousands arr (MORE)

Non democratic countries in the world?

depends on your definition, the US for example is not a democracy but a republic, Iran is a formal democracy but is not considered democratic by most

Name a non democratic country?

England is a monarchy, since they have kings and queens. The Kings and Queens don't have as much of a say in what goes on as they used to, but they still have them to draw interest to their country and for historical purposes. Chances are, they won't be getting rid of the royalty anytime soon. . (MORE)

What country has a non democratic government?

Only two countries in the world do not officially call themselves democratic; they are Myanmar (Burma) which is a Military Dictatorship; and Vatican City, which is a Absolute Theocratic Monarchy. Many of the countries in the world that call themselves democracies are democratic in name only; and due (MORE)

What is a non democratic country?

A non-democratic country is one that is well, not democratic. It can be a monarchy, a dictatorship, etc. Just not democratic. The following countries are the non-democratic countries in the world: Monarchies: Brunei Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Swaziland* Vatican City* Theocracies: Iran Vatican (MORE)

What are the non-democratic countries in the world?

The following countries are considered non-democratic or flawed democracies: Afghanistan Bahrain Belarus Bhutan Brunei Burkina Faso Cambodia Cameroon Central African Republic China Côte d'Ivoire Cuba Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guine (MORE)

What makes a government non democratic?

The unsatisfied steps of a government make it non-democratic when there has been on consultation with the people and elected representatives. When a government does not discuss its country's affairs in assembly and when it makes decisions without taking into account the opinion of its parliament, it (MORE)

Is Libya a non-democratic country?

yes, . ­. Official country name: Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Republic Area: 679,362 sq miles (1,759,540 sq km) Population: 6 million, including some 500,000 non-Libyan, sub-Saharan Africans working in Libya (2006 est.) Median age: 23.3 Ethnic Groups: Arab-Berber 97 percen (MORE)

Why Saudi Arabia is a non democratic country?

Saudi Arabia is a non democratic country in many ways: 1. The king rules over the country. 2. No elections are held in this country. 3. People don't have the right to vote. 4. Women don't have equal rights.

Why is china called a non-democratic country?

China is a communist country that is ruled by a dictator, called a Chairman. The government, controlled by The Chairman, owns every media outlet and many manufacturing and industrial firms. The state mandates every aspect of the lives of it's people, including the oppression and torture of those who (MORE)

Is there a country which is currently non democratic?

There are currently no countries which are fully democratic. Closest would be nations like Sweden and Switzerland which have high participation rates and broad representation. Most of the modern, western industrialized nations (including nations like Brazil, Australia and New Zealand) have strong de (MORE)

Is Belarus a non democratic country?

Yes. The current president, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has gradually increased restrictions on free speech and other freedoms such as politics and religion.

Is China a non-democratic country?

Yes, but . . . China like other totalitarian states feigns towardsdemocracy. They hold votes (voting is a handy method for decisionmaking) but they have only one party that is available to expressone's political principles. If your political principles don'tmatch the party you have no where to go an (MORE)

Why is china considered a non-democratic country?

Because China is the follower of Communism instead of Democracy andCapitalism therefore China and Russia are considered to be thenon-democratic countries along with some other countries of Asiaand Africa.

Why is cuba a non democratic country?

Cuba is run under a system which they call "Party-led Deomcracy". While elections are held, one must be a part of the "Communist Party" to participate. Opposition candidates are allowed and often win, but not Opposition parties. Thus, while they government is in theory responsive to the will of the (MORE)

What is a list of non-democratic countries?

The following countries are considered non-democratic or flawed democracies: Bahrain Belarus Bhutan Brunei Burkina Faso Cambodia Cameroon Central African Republic Côte d'Ivoire People's Republic of China Cuba Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Fiji (MORE)

Why is Saudi Arabia a non-democratic country?

Saudi Arabia is monarchy country (by royal family) . people like their policy . no voting availability because of community . people get their right (man and women are equal) . women are over-respected by society and government more than other countries according to its religion and rules . 85% per (MORE)

What makes the government in Afghanistan non-democratic?

The reason that Afghanistan is not terribly democratic, even thoughit has a number of democratic institutions (such as parliaments,elected presidents, etc.), is that the actual functioning of thegovernment occurs less according to "legitimate" politicalprocesses, such as parliamentary voting procedu (MORE)

Why is Myanmar a non-democratic country?

It is non-democratic because when the people voted for Aung San Suu Kyi to be their president, the military had her arrested, and placed under house arrest. They have refused to hand over power to her and continue to subject the people to their military dictatorship. They have had many thousands arr (MORE)

Is China democratic or a non-democratic country?

The People's Republic of China can be closely described as a non-democratic state as it is in essentials a Socialist state, although its economy can be said to be getting more liberal and Capitalist. The Republic of China however, is democratic. The semi-autonomous Chinese province of Hong Kong is (MORE)

Is England a non democratic country?

Yes, it has a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and either exercised directly by citizens or through their elected representatives

How is Egypt a non democratic country?

Although the greedy, hoarding dictator Husni Mubarak is GONE {finally!!}, Egypt is not a democracy. That is because Muhammad Hussein Tantawi, the commander-in-chief of the Egyptian military, is temporarily the president of Egypt. That is because when Husni Mubarak left office, he gave power to M.H.T (MORE)

Is Bhutan non democratic country?

Principally, Bhutan is said to be democratized after 2007 with 2 parties in existence representing parliamentary seats. But practically, hereditary king guided by the principle of one religion, one belief, one culture and one custom rules the country. Bhutan does not accept the existence of multi-cu (MORE)

Why is china called a non democratic country?

Democracy implies freely contested elections and voting by the people. It also implies free and open discussion of political issies, oncliding disagreement with fovernment policy and acrions. Neither is present in China, in fact speaking in opoairion to any government decision, policy, action, or go (MORE)

What countries are non democratic countries?

Swaziland Uganda Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Angola Zimbabwe Ethiopia Eritrea The Gambia Burkina Faso Sudan Djibouti Republic of the Congo Central African Republic Rwanda Burundi Mauritania Cuba Iran Syria North Korea Belarus

Is Switzerland a democratic or non democratic country?

switzerland is a democratic country imhope this helped u all Answer 2 Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent cantons. A canton is equivalent to what is called a state in English-speaking federal countries. It has a very democratic system of government. As many decisions (MORE)

Why Pakistan called non democratic country?

Pakistan is a democratic country because their government don't give them the right to vote also to express in a peaceful way they don't have the independent juges. S it is shur that they are not a democratic country but a non democratic country

Why is China a non-democratic country?

The answer depends on how the question is intended. If it is asking why China is classified as a non-democraticcountry, there are a few reasons. First, it considers itself acommunist country. Second, the definition of democracy is thatpeople have a direct or indirect say (through referenda or votin (MORE)

Why is Swaziland a non democratic country?

The political status of Swaziland has been an uncertain one where the monarchy has given way to certain democratic reforms. Swaziland is a small nation located in the southeastern part of Africa. It has less than 2 million people and its small size has allowed the monarchy to stay below the radar fo (MORE)

Why is Morocco a non-democratic country?

When Morocco fought for independence, the Alouite King Mohammed Vbecame the center of the fight and remained king after the Frenchand Spanish left. As a result, Morocco remained a monarchy.

How is Bolivia a non democratic country?

By world standards, Bolivia cannot be termed a non democratic country. The nation has severe economic problems but has elections and a multitude of political parties.

What makes Syria a non-democratic country?

Republic under an authoritarian regime. President approved by popular referendum for a second seven-year term (no term limits); referendum last held on 27 May 2007 (next to be held in May 2014); the president appoints the vice presidents, prime minister, and deputy prime ministers election results: (MORE)

Why is Iraq a non-democratic country?

Iraq is an illiberal democracy. It has elected leadership, but thatleadership is sectarian and does not respresent the views of largesegments of its constituency and, effectively, alienates them.