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Whereas the Bourne films' fight coordinator Jeff Imada explicitly drew from the Filipino art of Kali and the Chinese art of Wing Chun in order to give a realistic presentation of fighting, the choreographer for Quantum of Solace clearly uses a blend of various arts and reality-based self-defense systems. In the movie, Bond mostly uses concepts found in reality-based systems like Krav Maga, Kapap, Haganah, and Systema. This is evidenced when he instinctually and intelligently uses anything within reach to fight in the hotel in Haiti (he grabs a vase, a shoe, etc.). This is also evidenced when he fights Greene, using his forearms to protect himself while closing in to disarm the opponent, and when he uses any and all parts of his body to beat the agents in the elevator (even while he's cuffed). Also in evidence are concepts used in arts like Aikido and Chin-na. A perfect example is when Bond disarms the man in the hotel by trapping his arm and bending his wrist (a joint lock). Arts like Krav Maga, Kapap, Haganah, Systema, Aikido, Chin-na, Kali, and even Wing Chun are the most frequently used/practiced/borrowed from by "secret agents" and other people whose jobs require them to be able to fight in closed quarters and go up against armed opponents. Arts like Krav Maga are frequently taught to police officers and soldiers, and field agents frequently use joint-locking concepts found in Aikido and Chin-na.
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