What microprocessors are used in apple iPods?

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to eat apples and break the ipod to make apple more money fixing them
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What are microprocessors used in?

Today, micro processors are included in almost any electronical device: computers, and any computer-like device such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital video cameras or recorders, digital cameras, etc. Microprocessors are also used in many cars (or: vehicles in general), domestic appliances like washin (MORE)

What cord do you use to plug into the computer that downloads your songs on your apple ipod?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nFor most iPods, the cable used to connect an iPod to a computer (Mac or PC) is an iPod USB cable. On the iPod end, there is an iPod dock connector, and on the other end, there is a USB connector.\n. \n. \nThere have been (and are) several exceptions as of this writin (MORE)

Is microprocessor used in animals?

well with this a microprocessor is use in any computer and or device that siamliary acts like a computer. a microprocessor is a CPU. which is like a brain to a computer or device that acts like a computer.

Is there DVD and video convert software is used for Apple iPod?

You can try Any DVD Converter Pro. It can easily rip DVD and convert almost all kinds of video files to iPod and iPhone mp4 files that you can view on ipod and iphone. The conversion speed is really fast and the output quality is perfect. You can download the trial version of Any DVD Converter Pro.

How are microprocessors used in mobile phones?

Mobile telephones communicate with the mobile phone network using digital technology, yet the voice communication that still provides for the majority of mobile network traffic is purely analogue. A mobile phone must therefore convert voice communications into digital signals that can be transmitted (MORE)

What is the difference between apple iPod and apple iPod Nano?

ok well just recently they rename the ipod to ipod classic and the ipod nano is still the same. ipod classic is bigger in size, has bigger screen, holds more songs etc.. if u live in the US then here r the prices:. iPod Nano - 4GB - $149. iPod Nano - 8GB - $199. iPod Classic - 80GB - $249. iPod (MORE)

What are the uses of an Intel 8085 microprocessor?

In many engineering schools the 8085 processor is used in introductory microprocessor courses. Trainer kits composed of a printed circuit board, 8085, and supporting hardware are offered by various companies. These kits usually include complete documentation allowing a student to go from solder to (MORE)

Why tristate buffers are used in microprocessor?

In Microprocessor based system devices are connected n parallel through the bus in this situation it is required that one device is interact with the bus at a time .If more than one device make communication wid bus then more then one signal is places that they will produce damaging current known as (MORE)

Home appliances using microprocessor?

If you are wants You must by Microprocessors are used in fridges,central heating systems, washing machines, dish washers, DVDplayers, computers and TVs :) It is present in all automatic home appliances

What is a microprocessor used for?

your answer is like this.. (What is a brain used for?) microprocessor is brain of computer.. it calculate all the arithmetic & logical calculations... it controls all the devices & tasks...like our brain controls the balance of the body & our hands,legs,mouth.. etc....

Where is binary used with microprocessors?

The binary code wich uses only two simbols, the zero and the one, actually is used to create the programs that instructs the mechanical parts of the computer such as the microprocessors how to work or what to do.

What are the Uses of microprocessor in automotive?

Most newer automobiles (cars and trucks) utilize a microprocessor that controls many engine functions. Such as fuel pressure/volume, ignition timing, and emissions control systems.. It is sometimes called the Electronic Engine Control system (EEC). There are after market processors that can boost h (MORE)

What is the use of mask in microprocessor?

Mask ROM (MROM) refers to a kind of ROM (read-only memory) whose contents are programmed by the integrated circuit manufacturer (rather than by the user). The terminology "mask" comes from integrated circuit fabrication, where regions of the chip are masked off during the process of photolithograph (MORE)

IPod touch or apple iPod Touch?

the ipod touch and apple ipod touch are exactly the same, but if you get it in the apple they will tell you all about it and set you up and everything, any other will just sell it and try to make you get the one year thing in case it breaks or something.

Microprocessor uses in robotics?

as we know that the core of the intelligent robot is its programming and as it is made up of electronics to control it assembly language programming is important so microprocessor is used in robotics.

Use of latch in 8085 microprocessor?

It is a group of 8 buffers. The upper byte of 16 bit address is stored in this latch and then it is made available to the peripheral devices. By:- Samridhi Mangla

Why you are using hexadecimal values in microprocessor?

Internally, the computer processes bits - ones and zeroes. Hexadecimal is a shorthand form of writing those values, or of showing them to humans - every hexadecimal digit corresponds to four bits. Conversion from binary to hexadecimal is fairly easy; converstion between binary and decimal is more co (MORE)

What are the microprocessors that used in car?

Different cars use different microprocessors, and as cars get more sophisticated, they have more types of microprocessors. The original Prius had more computing power in it than was used, in space and on Earth combined, for the first mission to put people on the moon, I am told. That car had multipl (MORE)

What font is used on the Apple iPod?

The full-size pre-color display iPod models -- the original iPod, iPod 2G, iPod 3G, iPod 4G, and iPod U2 Special Edition -- all use Chicago, the same font used for the original Macintosh interface. The iPod mini and iPod mini 2G use Espy Sans, the same font used on the Newton. iPods with color (MORE)

What are the different uses of digital microprocessor?

A microprocessor incorporates most or all of the functions of a computer's central processing units on a single IC, or microchip. The first microprocessors emerged in the early 1970s and were used for electronic calculators using binary-coded decimal (BCD) arithmetic in 4-bit words. Other embedded u (MORE)

What microprocessor used in now a days?

There are most popular two brands on Microprocessor. one is Intel and second is AMD. in Intel now a days Intel Pentium processors (Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7) are used. where in AMD theres Phenom and Athlon series used.

Can you use your apple ipod in Iran?

I'd say yes. I have an Apple iPhone 4 in Iran and it's working perfectly. But it's difficult to buy applications. so you sort of "have to" use cracked ones.

What can you use apple iPods for?

Apple ipods are primarily used for listening to music. Songs must be loaded onto most ipods with a computer. This can be helpful when exercising or engaging in other activities, although you should not listen to music through headphones while driving. Variants of the ipod, such as the itouch, can al (MORE)

Is microprocessors use in inverters?

Microprocessor is used where we require more m/m and data. microcontroller is best option for inverters,but in a case if we want to improve, or want to make it advance such as with some conditions then we use microprocessor

Can you use the same apple ID on 2 iPods?

Yes you can use the same ID. It's not a good idea to let someone else use your ID though as they will be able to use your details to pay for apps etc. If you, yourself, have two iPods and wish to use the same ID then this is a lot safer.

Why Bicmos technology is not used in microprocessors?

Using BJT technology alone would not make a viable microprocessor, as power consumption and heat dissapation would become problematic. Mixed technology BiCMOS complicates the manufacturing process, increasing the shelf cost of the end product.

What type of microprocessor are used in server?

Xeon by Intel and Operon by AMD have server dedicated processors in their line-up. Imagine these processors as being quite similar to end-user processors, with minor tweaks that make them function more optimally in the demanding server environment.

What microprocessor to use and why?

Depends entirely on what you need it to do-- If you're going to be using extremely high-end, heavily threaded applications, then an i7 may be your best bet, due to its extensive performance. A cheaper alternative for extremely threaded applications is the cheaper FX 8-core processors. Other than thi (MORE)

What is a 885 microprocessor used for?

The AMD 885 is a socket 940 microprocessor. It is part of the core of a computer system. It is, essentially, the brain of the entire computer and is a most necessary part.