What microprocessors are used in apple iPods?

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to eat apples and break the ipod to make apple more money fixing them
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What is a microprocessor used for?

your answer is like this.. (What is a brain used for?) microprocessor is brain of computer.. it calculate all the arithmetic & logical calculations... it controls all

What font is used on the Apple iPod?

The full-size pre-color display iPod models -- the original iPod, iPod 2G, iPod 3G, iPod 4G, and iPod U2 Special Edition -- all use Chicago, the same font used for the origina
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Can you use your apple ipod in Iran?

I'd say yes. I have an Apple iPhone 4 in Iran and it's working perfectly. But it's difficult to buy applications. so you sort of "have to" use cracked ones.
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What can you use apple iPods for?

Apple ipods are primarily used for listening to music. Songs must be loaded onto most ipods with a computer. This can be helpful when exercising or engaging in other activitie

What microprocessor to use and why?

Depends entirely on what you need it to do-- If you're going to be using extremely high-end, heavily threaded applications, then an i7 may be your best bet, due to its extensi