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What might racists on other planets say?

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"I'm not racist, I mean, some of my best friends are Green."

"You look quite pretty, for a Blue girl."

"I know that Orange guy stole my spaceship."

"You would think that with two heads, they would be smarter than they are."
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How can you not be racist?

Here are some ways to try to reduce racism in yourself. 1. Remember that a lot of what seems like racial differences are really differences related to social class. When mor

Why is it racist to say Merry Christmas?

No, it is not racist to wish anyone a Merry Christmas. Although the PC (Politically Correct) Brigade would have it so, as it might just offend someone of a different religion

Is saying injun racist?

the word "Injun" is Offensive and is a Racist remark."Injun" directs separation, - maybe even 'segregation, from others. "Injun" stands out as bright as the "N" word for Black

When you say a person is black does that mean i am a racist?

Not necessarily. If you are saying that to insult someone, then that is being racist. But if you are deescribing someone, then that doesn't count as being racist. But a better

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What other planets besides Earth might support life?

mars.. and possibly titan, the sixth moon orbiting Saturn. it is about 50% larger than earths moon. and is even hypothesized to be able to support a tropical environment. alth

How can you be racist?

By hating someone or a group of people based on their race.

Why are there other planets?

God made earth for us and he made the other planets for other life forms. But why are many other living beings very much more intelligent than humans?
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Is saying that someone is black racist?

Yes if you're just saying someone is black doesn't mean that they are racist they are just little bit incorrect because if you see an African American and you say hey there'

Why are people racist against each other?

Well if I spelled Rasist wrong then it won't matter. The reason why people are rasist to each other is because they think their culture is worser than their's or they think th