What military restrictions did the Treaty of Versailles impose on Germany?

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The post-WW1 Treaty of Versailles imposed onerous restrictions on the German military. Their Navy was to be surrendered to the Allies; instead the German sailors scuttled their ships at Scapa Flow. No new submarines were to be built. The Army was reduced to 100,000 men, and their feared Air Force was not allowed to build any new planes. The production of tanks and armored cars was also forbidden. The goal was to keep Germany from building a military capable of offensive operations.
The restrictions were:
German army reduced to 100,000 men.
No submarines.
The Rhineland was to be de-militarised and occupied by the Allies for 15 years.
Manufacture, import and export of weapons and poison gas was banned.
ARMY: no more than 100,000 men and no conscription (volunteers only).
no armoured cars or tanks
AIRFORCE: none, no aircraft allowed.
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