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What military technology do England and America share?

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Guns, planes, tanks, and ships.
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How much does the military pay for technology?

  Answer   This figure isn't available because no one want's to disclose what types of new weaponry is planned for the wars of the future. It is huge. China for exam

What is managing innovations in Military technology?

  The word "managing" is a misnomer. Innovations can be managed but to say there is an overall management of all innovations would be wrong. Instead you could look at mi

How are computer technologies used by the military?

Computers technologies are used by the military on a daily basis.  The computer technologies that are used include signals  intelligence, radio intelligence, and computer ne

Does England have a military?

No, 'England' doesn't have its own 'military', but 'Britain' does have an 'armed forces'. Some of the best soldiers in the world on par with America but obviously not as man

What are the impact of information technology in military?

Defence Intranet for Security and CommunicationKnowledge management and transmissionImprovisation of mission efficiency and   effectivenessMilitary Intelligence and Radar s

What country's military has the best technology?

The U.S. military is the most technologically advanced military in the world, China has the largest army in the world but not the best technology. Israel has arguably the best

What is the impact of science and technology on the military?

Huge! (Oooh I hate that non-word "technology!) Science and Engineering give the Armed Services better: weapons, anti-attack detection and defences, communications, tra

What are examples of military technology?

You do need to play COD Military technology: - Radio Beacon - Raptors ( The drones that are used to track the target) - Night Vision - Thermal camera (For heat detec