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What multi-vitamin best meets the needs of a vegan diet?

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Rainbow Light puts out high quality, vegan vitamins.
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Can lupus be cured by a vegan diet?

I found the answer to this question at http://earthsave.org where the story below was reprinted. If you or a loved one is suffering from lupus, you can find contact info for

What are the advantages of a vegan diet?

It's good for your health: When you choose a whole-foods, plant-based diet, you will quickly appreciate the many health benefits: you may lower your cholesterol, lose weight,

How does a vegans diet vary from a vegetarians diet?

Vegans are a lot more serious then vegetarians. They will not eat, wear, or use anything that is made of, or came from an animal. Vegetarians can eat anything that does not ca

How can vegans meet their needs for complete sources of protein?

It's easy for vegans to get protein by eating a variety of plant-based foods throughout the day. All plants have varying amounts of protein (plus carbohydrates, fats, fiber,

What is a vegan diet used for?

Vegan diets are often recommended as dietary therapy for heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes, cancer, obesity, arthritis, allergies, asthma, environmental illne

Can a vegan diet cause depression?

A vegan diet does not necessarily cause depression, though transitioning to a vegan diet can cause all sorts of physical and emotional symptoms while your body gets used to it

Can you have popcorn on a vegan diet?

Unflavored popcorn is vegan always. Generally it is air popped or popped by heating in vegetable oil. Where you need to be careful is when the popcorn is butter flavored or fl

What is in a raw vegan diet?

Soups, salads, nut loaves, fresh fruit, dried fruit, root vegetables, leafy vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, edible flowers, herbs, sea vegetables, 'solar' teas, f

Do vegans need vitamin B12?

Everybody needs vitamin B12. Vegans get vitamin B12 from nutritional yeast, fortified foods and supplements.

Is a vegan diet dangerous to your health?

No. If done properly a vegan diet is very beneficial to health.   Click on the link below, under 'Related links' for more information.