What musicians have died in 2008?

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Leroi Moore
September 7, 1961 ~ August 19, 2008
Bo Diddley
December 30th 1928 ~ June 2nd 2008
James Harrell McGriff
April 3rd 1936 ~ May 24th 2008
Franz Jackson
Nov 1st 1912 ~ May 6th 2008
Jerry Wallace
December 15th 1928 ~ May 5th 2008 Humphrey Lyttelton
May 23rd 1921 ~ April 25th 2008

Al Wilson
June 19th 1939 ~ April 21st 2008
Danny Federici
January 23rd 1950 ~ April 17th 2008
Brian Davison
May 25th 1942 ~ April 15th 2008 Phil Urso
October 2nd 1925 ~ April 7th 2008
Israel "Cachao" López
September 14th 1918 ~ March 22nd 2008
Ola Brunkert
September 15th 1946 ~ March 16th 2008 Martin Fierro
January 18th 1942 ~ March 13th 2008
Norman Smith aka Hurricane Smith
February 22nd 1923 ~ March 3rd 2008
Jeff Healey
March 25th 1966 ~ March 2nd 2008
Mike Smith
December 6th 1943 ~ February 28th 2008
Buddy Miles
September 5th 1947 ~ February 26th 2008
John Stewart
September 5th 1939 ~ January 19th 2008
Robert Patrick Ferrara
July 22nd 1965 ~ January 15th 2008
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