What online stores accept electronic checks?

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qvc.com accepts checks.. place your order, mail check within 15 days, comes through like a draft.. I've done this numberous times with them and i have had absolutly no problems..
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Are there websites that accept electronic checks for payment?

amazon.com does! :D Amazon does not accept electronic checks. I filled out an orderwhich took me 3 hours of looking things up then when I got to thecheckout there was nothing

What grocery online stores accepts ebt?

schwans.com for sure. idk of anymore. ---Also--- You can go to angelfoodministries.com! They have boxes that you can purchase each month!
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What companies accept checks online?

Many utility companies, banks and online retailers will accept online checks. The best way to find out if a business accepts online checks is to look for ACH payments or e-che