What percentage of Germans speak English?

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99% of germans speak english

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Most Germans have learnt some English in school.
I would guess about half of German adults would understand if you spoke simple English, probably about 1/4 of adults could answer back.
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What percentage of Germans speak German?

It would be most unusual for a German not to be able to speak German. I therefore answer 99.99% of Germans speak German. The reasoning :- there is a very small percentag

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Mostly Russian population speak their native language. However;according to survey 2012, 5.48% of the population speak English.English is also taught in schools as a foreign l

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Knobody knows the EXACT number/percentage of people who speak German. The number changes every minute! The numbers of people change so the number of people speaking German
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In India, E nglish speakers are about 10.66 % of the population, and the most spoken one (native) is Hindi . Hope This Helps :) e
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Less than 2%, I have been living in Chile for the past 5 years and the amount of people that I have encountered can speak English here I can count on my 2 hands. For tourists
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