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What percentage of adults who begin a fitness program quit within the first month?

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Side effects of tetanus vaccine if taken twice within four months in adults?

  there is no danger if you take it within four months or even a month apart, I am a nurse with the state health dept, and have given immunizations for many years. if you

Who was responsible for organizing the first adult education program in the US?

This is often credited to the movement called the Lyceum movement, which began around 1826 with the work of Josiah Holbrook. But another educational movement, the "mechanics i

How do you avoid pregnancy within first month after sex done?

Within 3 days after the sex you can take the Morning After pill. That is the only thing you can do. About 10 days after the sex you can take a pregnancy test if you didn't tak
In Probate

What happens when a couple die within months of each other and they hav 2 adult children one adopted one not and mom dies first stepdad dies second and there is no will?

The property of the wife would be distributed to family in accordance with applicable instestate law, including to the husband. After the husband died, his property (includin