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Terrestrial plants that are able to survive in or very close to sea or brak water are called Halophytes, this means that they are able to either process salt water or extract water from salt water.

Most plants cannot survive on sea/ saline or brak water, as the process of osmosis that enables water to be drawn into the roots cannot work due to the high concentrations of salt; in fact the process is reversed and water is drawn out of the roots and into the saline soil.

Here are some saltwater plants.

Red Mangrove Propagule
Shaving Brush Plant
Halimeda Plant
Kelp on Rock, Smooth Leaf
Kelp on Rock, Grape
Maiden's Hair Plant
Mermaid's Fan Plant
Chaetomorpha Algae - Aquacultured
Ulva Lettuce Algae - Aquacultured
If looking for a tree in addition to Mangrove, in laboratory tests Russian Olive has been found capable of surviving extremely sodic conditions. Check to see if this tree is invasive in your area.
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