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What poison smells of almonds?

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Cyanide smells of almonds.
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Are almond tree leaves poisonous to horses?

Almond tree leaves are poisonous to horses. In fact, fruit trees  such as cherry, peach, plum, apricot, and nectarine leaves are also  poisonous to horses.

If you can smell exhaust is it CO2 poison?

CO2 or carbon dioxide has no odor, and cannot be sensed at low concentrations. If you smell exhaust, you are probably smelling other things such as unburned oil or fuel, not

What poison tastes of almonds?

It's cyanide. Cyanide occurred naturally in the bitter almond and could be broken down by cooking, which is why people would roast almonds before eating them until we managed

What wounds smell like almonds?

Gangrenous ones, seek medical attention immediately. The limb or didget may haveto be amputated.

Is almond oil poisonous to cats?

I truly hope not! I use pure almond oil everyday and when my cat is around it, he "insists" on having some! He wraps his little paw around my wrist to get at it. I give him a

What poison smells of pears?

The sedative and CNS depressant Chloral Hydrate is said by some to smell like pear drops. No longer used in the human pharmacopoeia, this med is still used with animals to som

Why do you smell almonds when your bleeding to death?

Because when your bleeding to death, your body goes into a state of "munchies" same of that when you smoke marijuana. Therefore, all hunger goes to the almond for its sexy sha