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What pokemon have the ability magma armour in pearl?

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Slugma, Marcargo, and Camerupt have the ability Magma Armor in Pokemon Pearl.
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Anyone know the Pokemon ability modifier code for action replay Pokemon Pearl?

POKEMON PEARL ABILITY MODIFIER     52067638 E0EE0Ec4   0206763C 88809800   02067640 0FC40740   94000130 FCFF0000 -- This is where the error was corrected from

Where to massage Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

In Veilstone City Next To The Gym   These Are The Directions:   From The Gym   Go Forward and when you get to The Stairs On The Right There Will Be 2 Houses   Go I

Where is Pokemon 45 on Pokemon Pearl?

Pokemon 45 is burmy. To get him/her first you need to get some sweet honey. You can find a man who will sell you some sweet honey, in the Floaroma flower field above Floaroma

Is team magma in Pokemon sapphire?

  Yes they are, but you don't get the chance to fight against them. They serve no purpose except to help you defeat Team Aqua (and by helping, it means keeping most of the

How many Pokemon are in Pokemon Pearl?

  First of all I don't know if I am interpreting what you mean correctly or not, you may be asking how many Pokémon can you catch in total the answer would be 18 boxes, 3

Pokemon Pearl legendary Pokemon?

Some Major Available Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl and where to find them: 1. Palkia (Spear Pillar in Mt. Coronet) 2. Giratina (After obtaining the National dex, go t

What does the ability Solid Rock do in Pokemon Pearl?

The ability Solid Rock reduces super effective damage. A normally super effective move (x2 damage) will deal 1.33x damage and a x4 super effective move will deal 2.66x damage.

How do you get the Magma Emblem on Pokemon Emerald?

Go to the top of Mt. Pyre summit and you will discover Maxie/Archie  already took the Orb that was upon the summit. The elderly man will  give you the Magma Emblem to open T

What Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Pearl?

You CAN catch over 500 pokemon. Its hard to display, so maybe go on a website that displays all of them. Theres 2 pokedex's. The pokedex and the national dex. Hope it helped!

What legendary Pokemon are there on Pokemon Pearl?

There are 8 (non-event) Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl. Palkia The top of Mt. Coronet, Spear Pillar, contains the first of the legendary Pokemon; Palkia. You battle it right afte

How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon Pearl?

First of all, you need to insert your Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed or LeafGreen game into the GBA slot of your DS and, after that, you need to start up your DS game. You'l
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How do you get team magma out of the way in Pokemon emerald?

  go inside the place with a boat and talk to the man by the blueprints he will say somethin about captain stern. then go inside the museum and go upstairs and talk to the