What pokemon have the ability magma armour in pearl?

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Slugma, Marcargo, and Camerupt have the ability Magma Armor in Pokemon Pearl.

What Pokemon have the ability magma armor?

In battle, the ability Magma Armor prevents freezing. Outside of battle, if the Pokemon with Magma Armor and an egg are in the party, Magma Armor will halve the number of step

Where do you find a Magma Stone in Pokemon Pearl?

The Magma Rock is unavailable during normal gameplay - it can only be obtained through the use of a cheating device like the Action Replay. If obtained, it does nothing. In

In Pokemon pearl where is the magma stone?

On stark mountain you go inside and you'll meet buck and everything and go through the whole place and stuff and then when your done with all of that he'll say he found it

What is pickup ability Pokemon Pearl?

The "Pickup" ability in Pokemon Pearl is similar, if not identical to the Pickup ability from 3rd Gen (i.e. Ruby and Sapphire, the first Pokemon games to see the introduction