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What program is the only one that will let you format changes to a menu file?

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if my calculations are correct I think it is Microsoft word
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Why is it important to be able to write programs that convert files from one format into another format?

The database did not find the text of a page  that it should have found, named "Why is it improtant to be able to write programs that convert files from one format into anoth

How do you change a file into ppf format?

  Adobe Acrobat Pro   Get yourself a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro and you can then save pdf files from Microsft Office. There would no doubt be other options in Acrobat

What program opens files in ifs format?

  Answer   There should be a templates folder in the dialog box for when you choose to open something in word. templates are files in format for things such as letter

How do you change a video file format to add it on YouTube. I found out that you have to change the video format. I can only use Windows Movie Maker but it only saves it as one video type?

You can't just Save the project... You have to Publish/Finish your project in Windows Movie Maker first to convert it into Standard Viewing Format. And too, YouTube accepts

How can you change the file format of your files?

  If you've already saved your file, or haven't saved yet, click File>Save As... then you type your title, and below the first scroll down menu, there is a second one that

Is there a program for converting homemade videos into DVD one that will split one video into separate clips and one that will let you have a menu that displays each clip?

Try womble mpeg video wizard DVD. 1) click that DVD button on its toolbar( initially floating on the upper right of the editor) to open the DVD maker. 2) click "add video"

How do you change a video file format?

There are multiple programs for download on the internet to dothis, you can even use Acethinker Video Master to import the videoand save it as another file type. Do a web sear

What program convert files to MP3 format?

you can use total video converter software to convert any audio format to the required format... or you can use m4a to mp3 converter , it's a one click program , you can easil

How can you change the programs format?

You can change programs formats by naming the way lets say a program is answers.exe just change the extension to Answers.dll or Answers.html.But the files which use EXE extens