What program is the only one that will let you format changes to a menu file?

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if my calculations are correct I think it is Microsoft word

Why is it important to be able to write programs that convert files from one format into another format?

The database did not find the text of a pagethat it should have found, named "Why is it improtant to be able to write programs that convert files from one format into another format".. This is usually caused by following an outdated diff or history link to apage that has been deleted.. If this is (MORE)

How do you change a Windows Movie Maker file into mp3 file format?

You cannot convert a MSWMM file. Conversion has to come after the audio is Finished/Published in Windows Movie Maker. Once finished/published, the file is exported/saved in .wma (or other selected) format. Then (and only then) can you convert the file into an .mp3.

What program will be able to open and play movies formatted as rar files?

This can be done with only one tool, ilivid RapidPlayer. it is a great tool that will download the files for you, uncompress them and start playing the video few seconds after the download starts.. no need to wait for the download to complete!! the tool is ilivid RapidPlayer which can be downloaded (MORE)

How do you change a file into ppf format?

Adobe Acrobat Pro . Get yourself a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro and you can then save pdf files from Microsft Office. There would no doubt be other options in Acrobat which would allow you to import relevant files for exporting to pdf.. There are also other programs available on the internet which (MORE)

How can you change the program that opens your files?

On Windows right-click on the file, select "Open With..." and the choose the program Edit: No i think he means that he already chose the program and he wants to CHANGE it because i have the same problem and it doesnt give me that option, please edit. On Windows 7: Right click on the file, click (MORE)

What program opens files in ifs format?

Answer . There should be a templates folder in the dialog box for when you choose to open something in word. templates are files in format for things such as letters faxes and things like that.

How do you change a Windows Movie Maker file into different formats?

You can't change WMM (Windows Movie Maker) files into other formats. The way files are converted to other formats is through the Publishing/Finishing process. Publishing/Finishing the movie in Windows Movie Maker "mixes-down" audio and video properties resulting in conversion from WMM project forma (MORE)

Can you partition your current primary partition because you have only one partition without formatting your whole HD and Windows XP if it is safe and without damaging the OS and Files in it?

.. .. Google search for "rank freeware sites." It should give you a listing of sites. You'll know you've found the right listing, because the site should be something like '...bean.' Pick one of the top three sites. Search for partitioning software or better 'easeus partition 2.1 home edition.' It (MORE)

How do you change a video file format to add it on YouTube. I found out that you have to change the video format. I can only use Windows Movie Maker but it only saves it as one video type?

You can't just Save the project... You have to Publish/Finish your project in Windows Movie Maker first to convert it into Standard Viewing Format. And too, YouTube accepts the .wmv file name extension (format) produced from Publishing/Finishing in Windows Movie Maker as well. The reason I know t (MORE)

How can you change the file format of your files?

If you've already saved your file, or haven't saved yet, click File>Save As... then you type your title, and below the first scroll down menu, there is a second one that says File Format. Click the menu and you get the available formats that you convert the file into. Hope this helps.

What is the best program to create a DVD from scratch with menus from video files?

--ImTOO DVD Creator/Burner--. ImTOO DVD Creator is powerful DVD burn software which can convert AVI, MPEG, DivX and WMV to DVD movie and burn DVD movie perfectly. Compared with other DVD burn software, ImTOO DVD Creator is faster and easier to create DVD, burn DVD movie and ISO file. Download ImTOO (MORE)

C program to append one file to another file?

include #include void main() { char fname1[20],fname2[20],c; FILE *fp1,*fp2; printf("\nEnter file 1 name :"); scanf("%s",fname1); printf("\nEnter file 2 name :"); scanf("%s",fname2); fp1=fopen(fname1,"r"); fp2=fopen(fname2,"a"); if(fp1NULL ||fp2NULL) { printf("\nSome error."); return; } while((c=fge (MORE)

If you earned only 500 and have one do you have to file?

I assume you mean "have one dependent." If you earned the money through self-employment, yes. . You must file a tax return if you received any amount of advance earned income credit payments from your employer during the year, or if you owe any taxes , such as:. uncollected social security t (MORE)

Write an interactive program in c language to manage a gas agency with menu options like enquiry new connection booking change in address billing surrender the gas connection etc using the file?

Can anyone please help me regarding this question how to write a code && mail me to my mail id. aysha_begum@satyam.com. Can anyone please help me regarding this question how to write a code && mail me to my mail id. aysha_begum@satyam.com. Can anyone please help me regarding this question how to (MORE)

Is there a program for converting homemade videos into DVD one that will split one video into separate clips and one that will let you have a menu that displays each clip?

Try womble mpeg video wizard DVD. 1) click that DVD button on its toolbar( initially floating on the upper right of the editor) to open the DVD maker. 2) click "add video" in the window to open your homemade video. 3) drag the slidebar (below the right window) and press add chapter button t (MORE)

How do you change a Windows Movie Moker File into MPEG file format?

You need to a video converter to do this, or why not use a better Windows Movie Maker alternative. For converter, I recommend Aimersoft Video Converter http://www.aimersoft.com/video-converter.html?page=125 The best alternative to Windows Movie Maker is Wondershare Movie Story in my opinion (MORE)

How do you change a video file format?

There are multiple programs for download on the internet to dothis, you can even use Acethinker Video Master to import the videoand save it as another file type. Do a web search of the videoformat you have and wish to convert to, and you will surely findsomething, though some are merely demo's and o (MORE)

How do you change a Windows Movie Maker file format?

You cannot change a Windows Movie Maker project file (MSWMM) to any other format. Until you Publish/Finish your Windows Movie Maker project, it remains in project format with a MSWMM file name extension. MSWMM files can only be viewed/edited in the Windows Movie Maker program. If you want yo (MORE)

Can you only file one w-2?

No, if you have multiple W-2's you use them all in tax return unless, of course they are just duplicates. Many people work for more then one employer and therefore have more than one W-2 at tax time.

Are MP3 files the only recognized format for digital audio?

MP3 (.mp3) MP3 is the name of the file extension and also the name of the type of file for MPEG, audio layer 3. Layer 3 is one of three coding schemes (layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3) for the compression of audio signals. Layer 3 uses perceptual audio coding and psychoacoustic compression to remove a (MORE)

Why isn't there one universal file format?

Because software writers want you to use their product. In other words, Microsoft Word uses a DOC extension. Most other products can't use that type format. It's a money making thing. If every product used the same format, not many people would buy the expensive programs.

How can I change lnk files back to exe format?

I'm not sure what you mean... .lnk is type of file which directs to a .exe file. If you do not have .exe file still have .lnk file you can't start the program. If you have .exe file but you do not have .lnk file pointing to it you still can run the program but you will have to locate the .exe file m (MORE)

What program is used to change a file permissions?

If you're talking Linux, then a terminal would do you just fine. chmod is used to change file permissions. Ex: chmod 755 /filename You could probably use a file manager to do that as well. In Windows, right click and properties (there are advanced permissions as well that would only be accessibl (MORE)

How do you change files back to the original format?

Hi, Actually this is my first in this community, thus i saw this question; one method i know is using CMD, how? first open, CMD by typing cmd in start menu, second, while CMD is openned Type the below command ATTRIB -H -R /S /D (DRIVE NAME)LIKE C:*.* This command is attribing your file (MORE)

What program convert files to MP3 format?

you can use total video converter software to convert any audio format to the required format... or you can use m4a to mp3 converter , it's a one click program , you can easily download it from http://www.zippysoftwares.net/free-m4a-to-mp3-converter-download/

Where does one find a program to unzip files?

There are many programs available to unzip files. The best place to go would be the Microsoft website, where Microsoft downloads are available safely and directly from the source. Only download products from any site once you have researched and know you can trust the company offering it.

What program does one need to unzip files?

Practically all operating systems come with the ability to unzip files. Windows has built unzip features into its file explorer since Windows XP. Linux systems bundle a zip program like Ark. Apple's OSX also builds unzip features into its own file manager.

What program can save a file in the rich text format?

Open Office is capable of saving files in rich text format (.rtf). When you save a file in open office, the default is .doc but you can change it to another format if you choose to. I've been using Open Office for a number of years, and find it an excellent suite of programs to use. See the related (MORE)

How do you you change a photos file format to jpg?

Make sure in control panel of your PC you have show file extensionsenabled. You can then right click, hit rename, and change theextension to a new one. If you do not have that enabled you shouldbe able to right click, properties, and change it that way. Do notethat it will not work on all files and (MORE)

How does one save a video file into viewable format?

To save a video as a viewable format it may be required to convert the original file. This can be done by downloading a video converter. A lot of media players do come with plugins allowing the consumer to convert video files.