What radio station is Michael Savage radio show in Portland Or?

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1550AM Vancouver, WA [& Portland, OR]. Poor reception. Email program director,Dennis Glasgow.
1340AM Corvallis, OR. Poor reception.
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Does the Alex Jones Radio Show air on a Chicago radio station?

Yes on 1530 AM Alex Jones is back LIVE on WCKG by popular demand. The Alex Jones Radio Show can be heard live from 11am to 2pm central. Fan demand in Chicago led to a schedule adjustment putting Alex back on WCKG in his live time slot. WCKG's revamped lineup includes Mancow Muller Sunrise-8am, D (MORE)

What radio station is radio Disney on?

Radio Disney is heard on different stations in each city where it broadcasts. In order to tell you the station nearest to you, we'd have to know where you are (the city) when you listen to the radio.

Is there a radio station that still plays savage garden?

Yes. Look for stations in your area that play "Adult Contemporary" music. They will often be called "Lite," "Light," "Soft Rock," or sometimes "Mix." The Savage Garden song "Truly, Madly, Deeply" is the most often played, as it still "tests" well in radio station research projects.

How do you ask a radio station to have you sing on the radio?

Best thing to do is to call the station's request line, and ask the DJ that answers. If he/she doesn't mind you singing, sing your best! He or she will probably tape it and they MIGHT play you back on the air. I stress MIGHT because it's really up to the DJ whether or not they play you back. Don't t (MORE)

What radio station is radio Disney in Detroit?

AM 910 WFDF. Unfortunately, It was bought and sold to Salem MediaGroup. And it is now The World Network. Radio Disney has also leftManhattan NY, Pittsburgh PA, Atlanta GA, Cleveland OH, and otherRadio Disney Stations on 50 states except in LA. As of 2014, It wasannounced that they are selling all st (MORE)

What does talk radio host Michael Savage say about getting the flu shot?

Michael Savage says to never take it because it is a conspiracy of the evil US government to hoax their own people, and to inject us with unknown evil substances for their own evil purposes. Therefore, he is saying that everyone in the US Government and the doctors, nurses, and scientists who encour (MORE)

What radio station number is radio disney?

That depends on where you live. There are several different radio stations that broadcast Radio Disney in different parts of the country. There are also a lot of places in the country where you can't hear any Disney station on the radio. Go to the Radio Disney website. On the first page, there' (MORE)

Us radio stations that carry the savage nation?

Here's a website that gives you the city, state, radio station, number on the dial, days and times of the show, and how long it's on each day. http://radiotime.com/options/p_20626/The_Savage_Nation.aspx With that, we've done everything but listen to it for you. That part is up to you.

What radio station is Michael Savage radio show in Seattle?

Michael Savage's show is no longer available in Seattle. He was on at 6pm on 770am KTTH the Truth, but apparently his contract expired. The slot has been filled by one John Gibson radio show. He can't hold a candle to Savage. Mike will be missed.

What is the radio station for radio Disney in VT?

There is no radio Disney airing in Vermont currently. However if you live close enough you may be able to get these signals from neighboring states. Albany NY: 1460 Poughkeepsie NY: 1390 Middletown NY: 1340 New York NY: 1560 Boston MA: 1260 *Hartford CT: 1550 *Hartford Connecticut is (MORE)

What time will they air the Micheal savage show on 910 radio?

There are at least 100 different radio stations, all at 910 on the dial, in different parts of the USA. Each one is a separate business with no connection to any of the others. You haven't mentioned where you're located, so there's no way we can help, even if we were willing to phone up your (MORE)

Is Michael savage on satellite radio?

In March 2005, America Right talker Michael Savage stated that satellite radio should be censored by the Federal Communications Commission. Savage claimed that his lawyers were working on getting him off of both satellite services because he didn't want to be associated with the type of talk present (MORE)

What is the radio station for radio Disney in Oklahoma?

The only Radio Disney affiliate in Oklahoma is KOCY at 1560 AM in Oklahoma City. (An enormous coincidence ... this contributor was the morning-drive DJ on KOCY in Oklahoma City in the very early 1970s. Trust me ... it wasn't Radio Disney at that time.)

List of radio stations carry the Michael Savage show?

Michael Savage is a syndicated talk show host (currently syndicated nationally by Cumulus Media), and as a result, the list of affiliates carrying his show will be subject to change, depending on whether a station renews its syndication agreement or not. But he can also be listened to online, even i (MORE)

What happened to MIchael Savage on KFYI radio?

KFYI was recently taken over by FOX. Then the Murdocks got caught up in the Eavesdropping scandal . So to appease the Liberal media they removed the only bastion of truth and justice available to those in the valley who hunger for freedom and reality.

What station is the weather station on AM radio?

Various AM stations carry weather, but in the US, the National Weather Service (NOAA) channels are above the FM band, around 162 Mhz. There are special settings on some FM radios that can pick up these frequencies.

What radio station broadcasts Michael savage in Albuquerque New Mexico?

None. The new owners of 770 KisKOB AM, Cumulus Broadcasting did not agree with Savage's opinions and intend to keep him off the air in New Mexico. His show was taken off the air the week before Christmas and replaced with a shortened time delayed version of the Mark Levin show. Cumulus owns the Levi (MORE)

What radio station is hits radio?

LIVING IN THE NEW YORK METRO AREA. I have never heard of Hits Radio. the phrase- the Hits just keep coming- was and is associated with WCBS-FM l0l.l MGHZ in the FM band. Back in the sixties WABC AM 77 ( 770 kilocycles) was then styled Musicradio WABC and ran a heavy hits-oriented format and also the (MORE)

What Pennsylvania radio stations air the Glenn Beck radio show?

The following radio stations carry The Glenn Beck Program in the state of Pennsylvania: Chambersburg 103.7 WEEO-FM Mon-Fri 9a-12p Sat 6a-9a Erie 1400 WJET-AM Mon-Fri 12p-3p Sun 12p-3p Franklin 1450 WFRA-AM Mon-Fri 9a-12p Sat 12p-3p Harrisburg 580 WHP-AM Mon-Fri 9a-12p Sat (MORE)

What Sacramento Area radio station will be carrying Michael Savage?

Savage is now syndicated by Cumulus, and they own KTKZ in Sacramento. KTKZ offers a "conservative talk" format. The Savage show and KTKZ would seem to be a natural match, but as of Savage's debut on October 23, KTKZ is sticking with the Lars Larson show. Larson is OK, he's filled in for Savage in th (MORE)

On what radio station is the Howard Stern Show?

The Howard Stern Radio Show is broadcast by satellite radio on Sirius XM. Sirius offers two channels devoted to Howard Stern and his broadcasting, Howard 100 and Howard 101 which replay the Howard Stern Show all day, every day.

What station in Edmonton provides sports radio talk shows?

The Edmonton radio station providing sports radio talk shows is known as Team 1260. Several different presenters, including Mark Spector and Jason Strudwick host talk shows relating to golf, football, baseball and many other sports.

What is a radio transmitter in a radio station?

The radio transmitter is the electronic device that generates aradio signal, adds information to it (sounds of music, news , sports, weather etc.),amplifies it to a comparitively high power, and couples it to an antenna so that itcan be radiated out to receiving devices at considerable distance. Ex (MORE)