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A forum is a place where people can talk to each using topics. Forums mostly get used to talk about something else on the internet. So umadbro?
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What is a forum?

In short: A forum is a question and answer bulletin board. In long: A forum is a place where users of a particular product or service may go to ask questions about the produ

What are forums?

It is the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assembly for the people. Whereas, online forums

What is the freedom forum?

A nonpartisan, international foundation advocating free press and speech rights for all people.

What are the largest forums?

The biggestboards ranker seems to be dead - not updating in some  time as well as big-boards.     Two of the largest forums are:     Gaia -over 1 Billion pos

What is meant by forum?

For online forum, it is usually a place where people gather to  discuss various topics and subjects.   Usually like-minded people can thus gather to discuss a common  to

Where can you get a free forum?

There are many free forum hosts, but if you want one with the best software, I'd go for Forumotion. This is a great new one out, with hardly any domains registered! And you ca

What consumer forum?

main function is to maintain fair practices by the seller towards consumers.

How was the forum built?

We don't know exactly how the forum was built, but we do know that it was originally a swamp and the early kings of Rome drained it for health reasons. From there it became a

What is a forum online?

A forum is a place online where people can post things such as text, images, and occasionally video, and people can respond with similar content, answers/advice, and other thi

What is the forum about?

The forum on most sites is a place for users to talk to each other,and often to talk to the people who run the site or the game thatthe forum is about. On WikiAnswers, the fo