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A forum is a place where people can talk to each using topics. Forums mostly get used to talk about something else on the internet. So umadbro?
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What happens at a forum?

Many things can happen at a forum, depending on the category it comes under. Example: At a gaming forum, members can contribute, ask and answer things all about gaming etc.

What is the forum?

It depends on what forum you are referring to. There are many forums and many types of forums. a forum by definition is a meeting place where people go to discuss various topi

How do you get into forum?

To get into a forum, you can visit it by accessing it via the URL bar in your browser. To actually register, you would need to click on a link on the forum labled "Register" o

What is this forum about?

It depends of the forum. Some forums are about animals, other --  about politics, etc. Also there is omnilogy forum and so on.

What is trolling on forums?

Trolling is when you are over-sarcastic or just plain mean on someone's suggestion. Most forums do not allow trolling and frequently say don't feed the trolls which means don'