What should you do if you're 13 and your penis curves down at a 90-degree angle when erect?

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i have never heard of that. i do think you should see a doctor Answer I agree, see a doctor. There is a condition called Peyronie's disease which sounds similar although it is more common in older men. Have you ever fallen on it? Check out this website. http://www.urologychannel.com/peyronies/index.shtml
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Is it bad if your penis curves down?

It isn't bad. It is normal to have some sort of bend in an erect penis and nothing to worry about unless it is giving pain. If so then a visit to your GP will help.

Is it okay if you're 13 and you don't have a curve?

yes it is normal every body changes at diffrent time so don't worry to much you will get it adventualy.. yes it is normal every body changes at diffrent time so don't worry t

I am 15 When the penis is erect its 10cm and the first 3cm is straight but the other 7cm curves down greatly is wearing underwear at night or most of the time bad?

You might have peyronie's disease. I'm also just fifteen, I can't see why you have it, mine's curved to the right, like from the half, and is curved at more or less twenty deg

You are 13 and your penis is 14 cm non erect should you be worried?

wow,you are an idiot. No, you shouldn't be worried. You may not have begun puberty yet and no matter how small it is flacid, it is the erect size that matters. Many men with l
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What if your penis curves down?

that should not be no problem there are a many different directions they can point into and if you are not experiencing discomfort it is fine.
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Penis is curved what should you do?

If your penis is curved either to your left or to your right , it is no concern as you can still have intercourse.
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Can you break your penis if you push down an erection?

If you press too hard or try and bend it then yes you could breakit. The erect penis has two tubes that fill with blood and shut ofso to keep it erect. If too much pressure is
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My penis is 1 when erected should it be bigger?

It depends on your unit of measurement. If you mean 1cm or 1 inch, then your penis will most likely grow larger as you progress through puberty, but if your unti of measuremen