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What should you do if you added chemicals to get rid of algae in your swimming pool but now it has white foam floating on top can i add more algeacide or will that make matters worse?

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If not much foam, wait and keep running the filter. Ah, ha, you DID NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE LABEL. Now you'll just have to wait until it decides to dissapate. YOU ARE RUDE...........
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What causes white foam on the surface of a swimming pool?

White Foam Answer   I have found that the use of so-called waterproof sunblock lotions cause a white sludgy foamy texture on the surface of my pool. I was using 45 SPF No

How do you get rid of 8 liters of algeacide in a 12x24x4' pool?

Did you not read the label instructions? Why do you need that much in a very small pool? I would recommend to drain partially and refill however I would hesitate to dump that

How do you get rid of white swim bugs in your pool?

  Answer   These are almost certainly mosquito larvae. There are "wigglers" and "twirlers", but they are just two different species of mosquitoes. Constant circulati

What chemicals are needed to add to a swimming pool?

  Answer   Take a sample to a pool store with a "water chemistry certified" tech. They can tell you exactly what is missing. Normally pools need stabalizer, chlorine

Can you swim with foam on the top of your pool?

  Suppose you could but who would want to. You possibly have added too much algaecide. Have a dirty filter. Have poor chemistry - out of balance chemically. Too many peopl

What is more affordable drain pool due to dark green algae and debris or vacuum and add chemical for in-ground DE filter pool?

  The absolute fix for algae bloomed pool: DRAIN , ACID WASH and REFILL.   More info about acid washing an Algae Bloomed Pool.   Acid Washing an In Ground Pool: Also

What makes alga grow in salt water swimming pools?

Algae reproduce by means of spores. The oceans are always releasing these spore into the air, and any exposed water is going to have spores fall into it, which can then grow i