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What should you do if you added chemicals to get rid of algae in your swimming pool but now it has white foam floating on top can i add more algeacide or will that make matters worse?

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If not much foam, wait and keep running the filter. Ah, ha, you DID NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE LABEL. Now you'll just have to wait until it decides to dissapate. YOU ARE RUDE...........
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When I turn on my salt generator in my swimming pool it looks like a cloud shooting out of the returns foam is then on top of the pool if the generator is not on the foam clears why?

Foamy water can sometimes be an indication of too high pH !. Remember to check both the pH AND the Total Alkalinity. It may also be that scale has built up on your generator

Why do you get algae in swimming pools?

Algae is a plant, and wants to grow in your pool for the same  reason it grows in ponds, lakes, streams and oceans. Water is it's  natural habitat. Although in its simplest

How do you get rid of algae blooms in pools?

Primary course is to first kill the algae. Allot of shock. If it's green, use at least 20-25lbs initially. Brush it in and let run 24hrs. Drop PH with muriatic acid to at leas

Is it safe to swim in a pool that has algae in it?

The Algae won't hurt you. But if the chlorine isn't killing the algae, then other microorganisms might be present also. But then, we grew up swimming in ponds and streams. Aft

What chemicals are needed to add to a swimming pool?

  Answer   Take a sample to a pool store with a "water chemistry certified" tech. They can tell you exactly what is missing. Normally pools need stabalizer, chlorine

How much baking soda should you add to a pool with algae?

Baking soda raises the Total Alkalinity of the pool water and is not an algaecide or sanitizer. Chlorine is the right product to use to eliminate algae from a pool. Bring the
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I have soapy bubbles on the top of the water in an inground pool I added algaecide yesterday aft What is causing this and how can I get rid of it- bubbles more after contact with H2o?

  FOAM & BUBBLES ON WATER     You have a common problem. You used:   1. An inexpensive algaecide.   2. Overdosed with an inexpensive algaecide   3. Wat

What is more affordable drain pool due to dark green algae and debris or vacuum and add chemical for in-ground DE filter pool?

  The absolute fix for algae bloomed pool: DRAIN , ACID WASH and REFILL.   More info about acid washing an Algae Bloomed Pool.   Acid Washing an In Ground Pool: Also