What should you do when your ex breaks a court order?

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You return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order and let the court take care of it.

You return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order and let the court take care of it.

You return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order and let the court take care of it.

You return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order and let the court take care of it.
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What are your options when your ex-wife violates a court order and refuses to release your child to you for visitation?

Answer . \nThe parent being refused visitation should contact the attorney who handled the custodial case. If there was not legal counsel they should call the clerk or the court where the visitation order was issued for instructions on how to file a petition of "non-compliance of a court order" (MORE)

How soon should you start talking to your ex after breaking up?

You could start talking to them whenever its comfortable for you. And if they arent comfortable with it, then you shouldn't push it on them to talk to you. They could still be hurting or they may never want to talk to you again so that they wont fall for you again. Sometimes its best to get your ex' (MORE)

Should you call your ex after a few months of breaking up?

Answer . It depends on how friendly the breakup was, and why you want to call him/ her. If you're calling because you want to get back together, if he or she is with somebody else do you think you'd be OK to hear that? Then again, my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me once, and then 6 mon (MORE)

How should you start a conversation with your ex husband after a break up?

Just be yourself and talk - maybe even open with a joke or a little sarcasm. Remember either way he is your husband and you are/were married to him in which at some point you could converse. Be cordial and try to relax - I realize that may be easier said then done but you still are one another just (MORE)

Should you tell your ex abusers new partner that he has a court order against him from you and his previous two wives?

Or you could move on with your life and forget about him. It amazes me how far people will go to "get even" . Dontdatehimgirl.com? whatever next? lol . Probably NOT a good idea as he may have already started a smear campaign against you and she may not believe you or attack you in some way. You (MORE)

What are the consequences of breaking a court order?

It depends on the type of order. For some violations you can be taken ino custody immediately (e.g.: Restraining Orders - Domestic Violence Orders - etc), for others you can be held in contempt of court and fined or jailed (depending on the type of order).

What do you do when your ex is in contempt of court and your lawyer won't do anything to help you get what was court ordered over four years ago?

You need to sit down for a face-to-face conference with your attorney and determine from them why they won't proceed against the ex-spouse. There may be some perfectly valid legal reason. If they cannot, or will not, explain their reason to your satisfaction, retain another attorney. If the ex-spous (MORE)

My ex fled from Maryland to Florida with my child she has custody and i have court ordered visitation can she leagaly do this she gave no notice to me or the courts or will they make her come back?

If it's been less than six months, you can file an injunction for return of the child. Also, notify her of intent to exercise visitation and pick up the child at the designate address in your state. Go to the address with witnesses, even though you know she's not there, and have them make note with (MORE)

Court order ex spouse to pay IRS yet they took my refund?

I too am in this boat! My ex has not followed any directives in the order for parenting time , child support, family debt or Tax debt. I have kept up on my taxes and for the past several years, All my tax returns were with held and applied to my ex spouses federal debt, what ever that means! Tax cou (MORE)

My ex wife has not paid her court ordered child surport for 3 years. Do i still have to pay her the court ordered alimomy?

Yes, until the court waives the requirement to pay you must do so or face penalties. it's assinine, yes, but breaking the law because someone else did just isn't real smart. If your ex is being a slacker POS and not paying child support you could pettition the courts to remove the requirement to (MORE)

Can you be charged if you break a custody court order?

Anyone who violates a court order may be charged with contempt of court. This can happen one of two ways. The other parent may file a motion for contempt within the family court. The Judge in the family court will then hear the case and determine if the order has been violated. If the Family court J (MORE)

Should you break up with your boyfriend for an ex boyfriend?

In order for you to make a decision of whether to stay with your boyfriend or go back to your ex boyfriend make a list of the good and bad qualities of each young man and then put the list away for a week or two and then read it. You will know by looking at the list why you and your ex really broke (MORE)

What should you do if your ex still loves you but you're afraid he'll breaks your heart again?

i would tell him to get away from me because you did not love me and i did not love you or we would have never broke up my ex just tryed to get in my pants he said for me suck his u know wat and i did because i thought that i love him but then i learned the true meaning of love and that is if you tr (MORE)

Can you request a court to amend the court order stating you pay your ex wife some of your retirement benefits?

It is not likely the court would amend such an order since it was rendered at the time of the divorce as a fair division of marital assets. It is not likely the court would amend such an order since it was rendered at the time of the divorce as a fair division of marital assets. It is not likely t (MORE)

Can a court order in a divorce stating your ex wife has to drop her ex husband last name be inforced?

Yes. A court order must be obeyed. If a person violates a court order the opposing party can return to court and file a motion for contempt. However, if the decree states that she has the right to resume her former name , she is not required to do so and can continue to use her "married" name. You (MORE)

What would you do if your ex-husband isn't paying the court order support?

Report the situation to the court so they can deal with him. Child support orders must be enforced by the court and you should file a motion for contempt of a court order . That way the court will set the amount of the arrears and add that amount to a court order. I suggest that you contact you (MORE)

What should you tell your ex boyfriend new girl so she can break up with him?

You are simply being vendictive! 'Ex' means the relationship between your ex boyfriend and you is over. If you are wise you would move on in your life; see your friends and meet another young man that will mean something in your future. If you persist you will end up making a good of yourself and se (MORE)

How do you get ex fiancée back due to his parents deciding he should break up with you and he did to please them?

Sometimes parents can be right and perhaps they may feel one or both of you are too immature to make a marriage work, but sometimes there is a personality clash with the parents and the fiance. If your fiancee really cared for you (is not a minor; under the age of 18) then he either isn't as in love (MORE)

Can my ex not let me see my kids if I have court ordered paramount custody?

Of course not. Your ex does not have the power to defy a court order. Paramount custody is an indefinite term. Look at your custody order and see what it says. If you have legal custody and your ex is keeping the children from you then get your court orders handy and call the police. Ask the police (MORE)