What shows the names of people whom employers agree not to hire?

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You may be refering to the "blacklist", which if someone's name is on it, they are regarded as "blacklisted". However, it is not a literally existing list, like an actual piece of paper.

It's just that people in a given industry know each other, so if you upset one of them, they mention it to their friends, and when you seek a job with them they remember, and so don't hire you.
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Can an employer refuse to hire you if you have been arrested?

An employer large enough to be subject to anti-discrimination lawscan not take arrests into account, ever. Employers can takeconvictions into account if they are job related. Small employersnot subject to anti-discrimination laws can do what they wish. ------ Arrested is different from convicted. T (MORE)

What is the current situation in Australia with regards to employers hiring HIV and AIDS positive people?

AIDS in Oz . \nExtract from an Aussie AIDS advocacy site: "As an HIV positive person, you have many legal rights that protect you from discrimination. You cannot be refused a job, housing, medical services or dental services just because you have HlV. Discrimination based on HIV status is illegal (MORE)

Can an employer refuse to hire you if you have a disability?

Yes, certainly. Employees subject to ADA can dismiss or not hire those incapable of doing the job. Those NOT subject to ADA - most US employers - need not even consider the disabled. There are almost no protections for those who cannot perform job duties.

What employers in Florida will hire ex offenders?

There are many employers in Florida that will hire ex offenders.The hotel chains like Hilton and Marriot will hire offenders.Wendy's, Sears and PetSmart will also hire ex offenders. With alittle research, it is possible to find lots of employers.

Whom did people name Rome after?

Rome was said to have been named after Romulus, who, with his twin brother Remus, founded the original city of Rome.. One version of the legend has Romulus slaying Remus when he disparaged his attempts to build a wall around the city. Another version had them argue over who had the support of the g (MORE)

Can an employer not hire you if you have a prescription?

An employer cannot base their hiring decision on whether or not a candidate is taking prescription medication. As a matter of fact, this is not a legal question for an employer to ask on and application or during an interview.

Do employers have complete freedom to hire anyone whom they wish?

No. There are a number of restrictions for particular jobs. There are health restrictions (TB, typhoidm etc.) for restaurants, now citizenship restrictions for most jobs, and security restrictions for classified positions. Additionally some jobs require physical characteristics like certain weight o (MORE)

Can I sue my employer for not advancing me to a better position because they are hiring under qualified people for management because the company is sponsering them for American citizenship.?

Possibly you can sue your employer. However, it would be a shortsighted move to do so. First, this is your livelihood and you would need a new job after burning your bridges. Secondly, the company can sponsor people to come into the states. They may be UN refugees, family members from another countr (MORE)

Which employers hire people with misdemeanors?

Anyone will hire you with a misdemeanor, government agencies and law enforcement agencies being the only two exceptions. A misdemeanor is a petty crime, which means you were a bit reckless, but it's considered "spilled milk" and you get a slap on the wrist. You can still get a job in just about any (MORE)

When was international date line agreed and by whom?

The International Meridian Conference was a conference held in October 1884 in Washington, D.C. in the United States to determine the Prime Meridian of the world. It was held at the request of U.S. President Chester A. Arthur .. Twenty-five nations ( Austria-Hungary , Brazil , Chil (MORE)

If employer and employee agree to take out taxes and employer does not what can employee do?

This is not something either gets to agree to...it is the law, taken very, very seriously and if your an emplyer you must withhold tax (and contribute o FICA and in most cases State programs too, on your behalf) on your employees exactly as specified...no option...not doing so is criminal and there (MORE)

Can an employer not hire you based on your age?

yes, depending on state laws and the company policy...if you are under the age to work, they cant hire you. if there is no legal issue tied to why they chose not to hire you based on your age alone, its discrimination

What types of employers would hire a microbiologist?

Specialists in the broad field of microbiology include:. Bacteriologists , who work in the field of bacteriology and study bacteria. . Environmental microbiologists - work in the field of environmental microbiology and study microbial processes in the environment. . Food microbiologists , who wo (MORE)

Why should the employer want to hire YOU?

The is a question that allows you to do some self promotion. Youshould always have a mental list of your three best qualities as aemployee ready before you go into the interview. These three bestqualities are your answer to this question.

Can employers not hire a patient of THC?

To you mean testing positive for THC on a drug test? It is up to them. There are no laws requiring them to hire you if you test positive, no matter what the reason. Even if there were, they could still find a reason not to hire you.

Does your employer have to agree to your wage garnishment or are they forced to?

It is not up to your employer. Wage garnishment is a matter of law, not preference. Most all employers are required by law to comply with a wage garnishment. At the present 4 US States- North Carolina,South Carolina,Texas and Pennsylvania do not allow wage garnishments at all except for debts relat (MORE)

Would Employers hire an Autistic?

Employers do hire Autistic people, however normally when they dothey don't realize that the person is Autistic. There is a lot ofprejudice against Autistic people so even in areas where there arediscrimination laws in place Autistic people often cannot findwork, Autistic people normally have to hide (MORE)

Shouldn't employers try not to hire angry people?

For the most part yes, but this depends.. Some places require people to be angry especially when dealing with clients or vendors as a bargaining position. If the anger is productive, well-acted, and effectively used at directed problems, it may be a positive.

Do employers hire devry graduates?

Employers use many criteria when deciding to hire someone. Education is of course important but they look mainly at experience and any certifications. It depends on the job being sought but having taken classes in a specific topic that is relevant to the job would give you a better chance at getting (MORE)

Why do employers typically hire people they believe to have strong self-management skills?

Self-management is revealed in populace who understands accountability, proceed with honesty, demonstrate suppleness, expand personal flexibility, exhibit appropriate insolence, practice effective time management, reveal an aptitude to advance performance based on criticism, furnish ideas independen (MORE)

Can an employer not hire you if you take Xanax?

By law no one can be discriminated against based on any medical condition...unless that condition prohibits you from performing you duties without reasonable accomodations. In other words not only are you protected by the HIPPA Laws, you are also protected by the ADA. The only reason an employer sho (MORE)

Are employers required to hire minorities?

No law requires that. Employers all hire who they wish. For the 25% of US employers large enough to be subject to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, there must be no evidence that hiring reflects discrimination by race, sex, religion age or disability. For jobs requiring high levels of education, an emplo (MORE)

How do you report employer that hires illegal aliens?

The contact number(s) for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are located in the blue pages (government listings) in the front of your phone directory. Depending on the state or area in which you live, your local law enforcement agency may be quite interested in them also.

Why would an employer want to hire?

If there is a need for labor or a need for your particular skills. Those were only an examples, really, it is all up to the employer for his justification of why he would want to hire someone.

Can an employer hire you as a subcontractor?

No, never. Employers hire only EMPLOYEES. Contractors and their subcontractors are not employees and are not hired. I engage a contractor by signing a contract, not by hiring her.

Why might an employer hire foreign workers?

Skills, Experience, Education. . To meet a diversity requirement for the employer's business or organization. . Not enough qualified domestic workers applying for the position. . Cheap Labor (The Bottom Line).

Does an employer have to advise you as to why they cannot hire you?

An employer is not required to explain why they have not hired you. In most cases, if an employer doesn't hire you it is because the employer decided to hire someone else, who for some reason seems to be a better choice for that particular position. There are, of course, certain reasons to not hire (MORE)

Why won't employers hire qualified older people?

That depends on the company. A qualified older person might beasking for too much money. Younger folks can usually be paid less.The United States has laws against age discrimination for peopleover 40 years old. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)protects that class of people, but you wou (MORE)

Why don't employers hire job seekers?

Employers do hire job seekers. I think it probably just feels thatway because employers often have many, many applicants for only oneposition, so a lot of people feel passed over when they areactively searching for a job.