What size are the speakers in a 91 Corsica?

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The 1991 Chevrolet Corsica dashboard speakers measure 3.5 inches in diameter. The front door speakers measure four inches by five inches. The rear speakers measure five inches by seven inches.
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How can you bypass the neutral safety switch in a 91 Corsica so it will start?

If there are two conductors leading to the switch, just disconnect them both from the switch, strip them to the bare wire, and short them together. If that doesn't work, tape them apart and try that. If there is only one conductor leading to the switch, it either needs to be stripped and bolted directly to the transaxle body, or disconnected and isolated completely. Y'know, that switch is there for a damned good reason. Have ya tried just replacing the switch? Just don't start the car in gear PLEASE. Is it automatic? Make sure your PNRDL stick ain't lying to you.

How do you access the speakers on a 1995 Chevy Corsica to replace them?

The speakers are located at floor level near the door on the left and right side of the car. They are not on the door, they are inside the car. The trim on the inside of the car near where the bottom of the door would be needs to be removed on both sides of the vehicle. Locate each screw and remove them. Then you should be able to pull the interior floor covering out of the way so you can then access them. The rear speakers are a pain to get to. You have to remove the back seat so you can pull up the carpeting and access the screws. on my 94 corsica i needed a torx bit to remove 3 screws on either side of the back rest, a stubby Philips screwdriver for the speakers, and a huge flathead screwdriver to use as a sort of pry bar. Once the screws are out go through the trunk and use the large flathead to get leverage on the metal tabs holding the seats in place, while another person wiggles the seat free on both sides. I have a 96 corsica and it was not necessary to remove the torx bolts. I just laid down in the trunk, braced my self on the floor, and shoved up really hard on the seatback and it popped right off. Got it back on the same way. Also, my rear deck speakers were held in place with 7mm hex head screws. The deck carpeting was very difficult to pull up. I had to first unscrew the third brakelight fixture in the rear window, and then I had to pry the carpeting up off the deck. You don't need to pull it all the way off, just high enough to get your tools in there.

If you lost your ignition keys to your 91 Chevy Corsica where can you get new ones cheap?

I thought i needed to buy new ignition lock but if you take your VIN vehicle identification number to your gm dealer with registration and drivers licence they will contact head office and tell them the key code for new keys to be made for 20.00 not 300.00 with labour. This may be true but keep in mind if you have aftermarket locks or the locks have already been changed by prvious owner due to simmalar problem, or mechanical problem with locks themslves you will not beable to get keys from dealer unless you buy new lock tumblers, or pay a lock smith to rekey your car.

How do you change the door speaker on a '91 240sx?

Answer . \npull off door panal, theres 2 or three screws you have to remove, and if its manual windows pop the arm off then it just comes down to poping the plastic clips that hold the panal on. speaker just has two wires to it and is real easy to disconnect and install

Where is the belt tensioner on a '91 Corsica 2.2L four cylinder engine?

it's the pully,right next to the power steering pump pully,there are two pully's that look like a small school bell,they are in the middle.The one on the left is the tensioner.You need to get a socket that fits in there and pull it to the right,to get the slack.It's best to take the washer fluid/coolant box out for more room,it's only three little bolts. If your wanting to get right at the tensioner,unbolt the bell pully,and under it is the plate,it takes an allen key to get it off,and when the plate is removed you will get at the spring. Hope this helps.

Where is the crank shaft sensor on a 91 Corsica?

If you have a 2.2 engine ( 4 cyl. ) it is located under the ignition module at the back of the engine . Follow the plug wires to the coils, under the coils is the module under that is the crank sensor.

Can you get a service engine code on a 91 corsica without a diagnostic computer?

Answer . Yes. On the underside of the dash panel, approximately above your left knee, is a black female connector plug. This is called the ALDL plug, and is where techs plug in their diagnostic instruments. But GM was kind to us poor-boys, and built in a method to extract the basic fault codes that the car's engine computer (ECM) sets. Here's the procedure: You want to jumper pins A and B. That should be the two upper right pins as you look at the plug. 1. With power off, jumper pin A to pin B (A bent metal paper clip works fine.) 2. Turn the ignition to ON but DO NOT start the vehicle. 3. The Service Engine Soon (SES) light should flash code 12 (1 flash, pause, 2 quick flashes) 4. After a longer pause, code 12 should repeat two more times. 5. If there are any codes stored in the ECM they will follow Code 12. 5a. Codes are two digit, and are indicated by flashes of the SES light. For instance three blinks--pause--four blinks = code 34. One blink--pause--six blinks=Code 16. If multiple codes are set, they will flash lower numbers first, and repeat the sequence of numbers several times. If you Google "GM OBD 1 Codes" there are many sites with lists of what the codes mean. GM says you should address the problems indicated by the lower code numbers first. 6. If no other codes have been stored then Code 12 will continue to repeat until the jumper is disconnected. 7. Incidentally, this diagonostic should also cause the cooling fan to run, testing the wiring, the fan relay, and the cooling fan (radiator) motor. Good Luck !

What is the problem with a 91 Corsica that dies when it gets wet?

I know on an 89 Beretta The ignition control module in on the block underneath the front exhaust manifold...I changed the module and plug wires and it seemed to be ok for me. The ICM is where the spark plug wires come from. Try to get new spark plug wires that make a better seal and make sure the connectors are plugged into well and there isn't any corrosion. Hope this helps.

Where is oxygen sensor located on 91 Corsica?

Its right by the rear exhaust manifold downpipe. If you follor your fire wall directly down, almost dead center, you will see it. it will be hard to get out, and you also have to buy a special socket.

How do I replace the front speakers in a 91 Chevy G20 van?

Not easy... one needs to remove the complete dash cover. There are several Phillips type screws at the windshield vents. Then there are several 10 mm bolts on the underside bottom of the dash on each side. I was able to lift up the whole dash just enough to get my arm up under the speaker locations to get the four nut head screws out. If I had to do this again I would bypass the old speakers and install new ones in a different location. Took all day and my arms looked like I was trying to get angry cats in a gunny sack!

What size speakers does a Lincoln LS have?

They have 6x8's in each of the doors, but they are acualty 6x8 plates with Alpine five and a quarter mid woofers and a separate tweeter, under the back baffle board there is two Alpine 6x8's woofers on a low pass frequency indepently amplified, also there is two three and a half inch inch speakers in the center console.

How do you remove fuel tank on 91 Corsica?

Drain gas out of the old tank. Use a proper receptacle. Loosen theclamp. Pull the hose off at allow gas to run out. Remove the fuellines and drop the rear suspension. Support the rear suspensionwheel to allow you lower the heavy parts slowly. Disconnect thebrake lines. Remove the straps holding the tank. Remove the tankand install aÊnew tank.

What is the 2004 Chevrolet Corsica tire size?

As with any type of car there are wheel options that come with or are available for different models or trim levels, therefore different tire sizes for those wheels. . 1994. Chevrolet Corsica. 15 Inch Wheel Package. Front and Rear Tires. P205/60R15. 1994. Chevrolet Corsica. Base Model. Front and Rear Tires. P185/75R14. 1994. Chevrolet Corsica. Base Model. Front and Rear Tires. P195/70R14.

How many speakers does a 1993 Corsica have?

It should have a total of four speakers. Mine, which is a 95 and probably the same setup as yours, Had 2 4x6 inch speakers in the kick panel, and two 6x9's on the back deck. Have fun with replacing the speakers in the back, because you have to pull the back seat. I replaced the ones I had in my kick panels with 6 1/2 inch speakers, which required some fabrication but it made a whole hell of a lot of difference.

How many speakers does a 1995 Chevrolet Corsica have?

4 speakers total. 1 speaker is on the drivers side near wheelbase and door, and another on the passengers side in same spot. For factory these front speakers are a 2 speaker system consisting of a Midrange speaker with a tweeter resting above. The other two are behind the slight headrest of the back seats about 4 or so inches away from the rear middle brake light. For factory these speakers are single speakers and both are subwoofers.

Size tires for a 94 Corsica?

SIZE TIRES, that You can fit on: 14" rims: 235/60/14 15" rims: 215/60/15 16" rims: 225/50/16 17" rims: 235/45/17

What size are speakers on 2000 suburban?

The front speakers are composed of a set of component speakers, a 6.5" diameter with a 3.5" mounting depth along with a 1" tweeter with a 1" mounting depth. The back speakers are composed of a set of coaxial speakers with a 6.5" diameter with a 3.5" mounting depth. It also includes an 8" subwoofer with a 4" mounting depth. If you are replacing the speakers just get a set of 6.5" component speakers along with a set of 6.5" coaxial speakers. You don't need to worry about replacing the subwoofer.

Does a 91 Corsica have a carburetor?

No, it has a throttle body fuel injection system (TBFI). It may look like a carburetor but it is not. The injector is mounted inside the throttle body that looks like a carburetor.

How do you tell the size of a car speaker?

The size of a speaker is in inches, if it a round speaker it is the Diameter(distance across). If the speaker is oval, it it's width x length in inches.(examples- 6 x 9 oor 5 x 7)

How do you replace EGR valve on 91 Chevy Corsica?

There are seven steps on how to replace the EGR valve in a 91 Chevy Corsica. Some of the step-by-step instructions are disconnect the car battery, unhook the air supply hose, and remove the EGR mounting mounting bolts with a socket wrench.