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Bards were musicians who sang about the deeds of people.
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What did they do in free time in medieval times?

1st Answer : The wealthy nobles often watched tournements faught by knights. They were once just fought for practice, but slowly developed into a sort of sporting event, as knights got richer. 2nd Answer : I don't know how often people went to tournaments, but my guess is that it was (MORE)

When did Medieval Times start?

The medieval times also known as the middle ages started in 476 as a result of the fall of the western Roman Empire. 410 AD with the fall of the Roman empire. 476 AD might be the best date to use. There are different views on this. Nearly all historians use dates ranging from 400 AD to 500 AD. (MORE)

When did the medieval times start?

Historians generally have the Middle Ages start in 476 AD with what is called the fall of Rome. This is a date of convenience, especially since Rome did not fall in 476. What happened that year was the abdication of the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, a six year old boy named Romulus. An a (MORE)

How did medieval theatre start and why?

Medieval theatre had its roots in dramatic presentations ofbiblical stories as part of liturgical celebrations. Cooperativesecular storytelling also contributed certain stylistic aspects.

What were the Medieval times?

The medieval times were the Middle Ages. The two mean the same thing. The Middle Ages was a period from about the 5th century (476 is one date given) to the the middle of the 15th century (1453 and 1492 are commonly given). It began with the fall of the West Roman Empire, which fell rather slowly, a (MORE)

How did Medieval Theatre Start?

The first plays were put on by the Church to teach the bible stories. People couldn't read or write so to teach the bible the Catholic church turned to plays, stain glass windows, and other means to teach the bible. Through out the middle ages all the plays were religious and the fist players were t (MORE)

What year did the medieval theater start?

Medieval theatre refers to the theatre of Europe between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance. The term refers to a variety of genres because the time period covers approximately a thousand years of the art form and an entire continent.

What are the Medieval Times?

The Medieval times in Europe were a time of castles, kings andprincesses. The Medieval times were also a time that plague ravagedEurope and many countries were at war with each other. The Medievaltimes were also known as the Middle Ages and occurred from 400 toaround 1400. Medieval times is a term u (MORE)

What was the Medieval Times?

Generally defined as the years between the Norman Conquest of 1066 and the end of the Wars of the Roses in 1485.

What are Medieval Times?

This is a time that spans a 1000 years of history from 410 AD with the fall of Rome to the age of exploring. It is a time of death, of no learning, of trying to stay alive the best way a person could. The barbarian tribes raided and enslaved people at will. They demanded tribute from people or would (MORE)

Medieval items that start with e?

Several items from the medieval world started with the letter "E."For instance, ell was a measure of cloth. Embrasure was an openingin the wall of a building such as a castle. Yet another "e" wordwas estoc, which was a sharp and thrusting sword.

What were Medieval Times?

European history (adjectivial form medieval or mediæval ) is a period of international history covering roughly a millennium in the 5th century through 16th centuries

What year did medieval drama start?

Medieval theater started sometime in the 5th century A.D. after thefall of the Western Roman Empire. It stayed on almost till the 15thcentury and was used mainly to tell moral stories, religiousstories and short plays.

When did medieval guilds start?

We do not know when the first medieval guilds started, but it was early on, certainly before the end of the 9th century. There is some reason to believe that some of the guilds, such as stone cutters' and glass makers' guilds, had continued to exist from ancient Rome. There is a link below.

When did medieval warfare start?

The middle ages started with wars, so medieval warfare started when the middle ages started. You could pick any date you like best for this, 400, 410, 476, 500, or some other date of the time. There were always wars.

When did medieval times start and end?

Answers may differ as opinions differ, but many regard the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 as the start, and the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire in 1453 as the end.

When were medieval times?

The Middle Ages, or medieval times, are given different dates by different historians. In the UK, many people use the dates 1066 to 1500, or something like similar, and called the preceding 500 years or so the Dark Ages. In many other parts of the world, the term Dark Ages has gone out of fash (MORE)

Where did medieval theatre started?

There is not much history of theater in the early years of the Middle Ages, but that does not mean they did not exist. We know that Empress Theodora had been an actress prior to her marriage to Justinian. And indications are that the early theater in Western Europe was derived at least in part from (MORE)

What is a medieval word that starts with h?

Haberden (salted cod) Hanop (a drinking cup) Herce (a candle support) Homage (a tenant acknowledges his lord) Hundredweight (exactly 100 pounds) Hundred (land equal to 100 hides)

At what time did medieval time start and end?

Although medieval times do not have an exact start and end point you can at least pick out the centuries they began and ended. Somewhere in the 5th century kicked off the middle ages and it lasted until the 15th century... that's 1000 years! Some historians mark 1492 and the discovery of the America (MORE)

What Medieval words start with A?

achievement . a full display of an entire coat of arms. An achievement of arms . acre . The amount of land which one team can plough in a day. 120 was the average to maintain one family but this varied depending on the land. . advowson . right of presentation to a church dignitary . aile (MORE)

Is there a medieval word that starts with z?

Zaduzbina: An obligation for one's soul; each Nemanjic ruler of Serbia built a monastery as his zaduzbina. (Fine, John V.A. Jr. The Late Medieval Balkans, 627) Zbor: A tribal assembly. (Fine, John V.A. Jr. The Late Medieval Balkans, 627) Zupa: [zupanija] A territorial unit (roughly (MORE)

In the medieval times did lords have pets?

Yes, they did. There are written accounts of dogs owned by the Nobility. The Charles Spaniel was bred by King Charles. Many animals are featured in paintings with their owners.

What did Russians wear in medieval times?

Fashion in Russia, unlike fashion in most Western Europeancountries, was not dictated entirely by the appearance of theclothing. Clothing had to keep the people warm and comfortable andthis need is reflected in the preferred Russian styles. In theperiod between the tenth and eighteenth century, much (MORE)

What did the steward have for a rank in medieval times?

1st Answer: . Nothing, no rank. . 2nd Answer: . A steward was a person who was paid to look after a wealthy person's possessions, especially those that were money or had monetary value. Stewards were educated people who were hired by people who were wealthy, members of the nobility, or royal. (MORE)

Who had the best time in Medieval Times?

Any answer to this question would be a guess and an opinion, but it probably deserves to be answered. My own guess is that the people who had the best time were the women of Tortosa, Spain, who were members of the Orden del Hacha, or Order of the Hatchet, a knightly order created by Count Raymond (MORE)

Why did feudalism start in medieval Europe?

When Rome fell in 410 AD a gap was left in the structure of government and services. The barbarian tribes raided without care and killed where they wanted. There was no one to protect the people and it was pure chaos. Fedualism developed out this when strong men came with armies to beat back the bar (MORE)

What time did they eat at in Medieval times?

Laboring people of the Middle Ages ate breakfast, dinner at noon, and supper in the evening. Wealthy people did not have breakfast unless they were very young or suffering from poor health. They ate diner at about noon, and supper in the evening.

What time did school start in medieval times?

School like we know it didn't exist. Some noble children had private tutors who were monks but other than that there was no school. 90% of the population couldn't read or write.

When did medieval art start?

The Middle Ages started in the 5th century, or a little before or after. Some people date them specifically as starting in 476, and other people used other equally specific dates. Artwork was made during the entire time of the Middle Ages. This was true not only for the Byzantine Empire, in which a (MORE)

Did the Olympics start in medieval times?

No. The Olympics were a religious athletic contest observed in Ancient Greece until the coming of Christianity. They were revived as an international sporting event in the late 19th century.

Did medieval craftsmen knit in the medieval times?

According to the Wikipedia article on knitting, our oldest examples of knitted fabric come from Egypt of the first millennium AD, which would seem to put the invention of knitting into late antiquity or the early Middle Ages. There is a link below.

How did medieval wars start?

they started as people will want resources from the other countries vikings invading brtain or racial religous political reasons ww2 mcrusades

When did medieval europe start and end?

Very roughly the middle ages were from 500 C.E. to 1500 C.E. Sometimes individual will try to pin the start and end dates to specific events, such as the deposition of the last Roman emperor Romulus Augustus in 476 or the fall of Constantinople in 1453, but these division are somewhat artificial. T (MORE)