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What states in the US produce the most oil?

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Between 2000 and 2001 Louisiana was the state that produced the most oil, followed by Texas, Alaska and New Mexico.
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What state in the US produces the most avacodos?

  California produces about 90% of avocados in the United States. Within California, there are 5 districts that include California counties as follows:   District 1: 

What US states produce oil?

There are several US states that produce oil with Texas being  ranked as the top producer. Some of the other states include  Alaska, Oklahoma and California among others.

What US state produces the most diamonds?

  Arkansas is the US state out of which come the most diamonds. The United States just doesn't have the "right geology" to have diamonds as a natural resource. Diamonds us

What state in the US has the most oil in it?

Alaska produces the most oil by a very wide margin of any other state. Ever twice as much as Texas which is second. ND is 9th. There are proven reserves and projected reserves

Which US state is a top producer of oil?

Texas is America's top producer of oil. Texas. Texas produces the most crude oil in the US; about 400 million barrels annually.