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What states pay highest unemployment compensation?

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Massachusetts, followed by New Jersey, then Washington.
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What is unemployment compensation?

The money you receive if you are granted unemployment. Usually a certain percentage of what you made prior.

Which states have the highest unemployment?

As of September, 2011, the states with the highest unemployment are: Nevada - 13.4% California - 11.9% Michigan - 11.1% District of Columbia - 11.1% South Carolina - 11.0% See

Does unemployment compensation vary by state?

Yes, each state establishes its own method of determining the qualifications for receiving unemployment benefits as well as the amount to be received by the applicant.

How often does unemployment compensation pay in Florida?

I started as of 10/30/11. I did not receive my first payment until 11/29/11. From my understanding, I will be paid every 2 weeks after that. So I should get my next payment (2

Who pays Washington state unemployment?

Your employer! That's right, you as an employee you do not pay into unemployment. Your employer pays those taxes as a cost of doing business. So, the next time you or your bud

How do you calculate your unemployment compensation in the state of Illinois?

In the tables in the Related Link below, (effective 01/03/2010) it gives your weekly benefits for those who earned, in their highest 2 quarters from $800 to $21,255+, for indi

Where do you pay state tax on unemployment compensation?

As each state, that collects income taxes, has different criteria, you need to check with your state's tax commission, or its equivalent. The unemployment taxes are subject to