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What states pay highest unemployment compensation?

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Massachusetts, followed by New Jersey, then Washington.
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Can you receive unemployment if your company isn't paying into the state Unemployment Insurance fund?

It depends. Many, if not all, states designate employers as qualified or not as to whether they are required to pay payroll taxes to the state. Persons on commission only basi

How often does unemployment compensation pay in Florida?

I started as of 10/30/11. I did not receive my first payment until 11/29/11. From my understanding, I will be paid every 2 weeks after that. So I should get my next payment (2

What state pays the highest disability benefits?

SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (SSI) BENEFITS   the maximum Federal SSI benefit changes yearly.   SSI benefits will automatically increase in 2013 because there was  an

What is unemployment compensation?

The money you receive if you are granted unemployment. Usually a certain percentage of what you made prior.

Who pays Washington state unemployment?

Your employer! That's right, you as an employee you do not pay into unemployment. Your employer pays those taxes as a cost of doing business. So, the next time you or your bud

How long can you get unemployment compensation in the state of West Virginia?

You have 52 weeks, during which time to receive 26 times your weekly benefit. Therefore, before extensions, due to the economy, you would collect for 26 weeks. If the state su

Do taxpayers pay for unemployment compensation?

In the US, the employer pays a payroll tax to the state, which in turn pays unemployment benefits to workers who qualify In Canada this is funded by the working people of Cana