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What the percentages for the eatwell plate?

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33% fruit and veg 30% carbohydrates 17% dairy products 15% protein and 5% fat
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What is the eatwell plate?

The eat well plate is a pie chart that shows you how much of different types of food you should eat in your daily life eg. chocolate and sugars are not a huge part of the eat

What are the 5 parts of the eatwell plate?

1. Fruit and Veg 2. Meat, fish, egg and beans. (Protein) 3. Food high in fat and/or sugar 4. Milk and dairy foods. (Calcium) 5. Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. (Carbo
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Where are tortilla wraps in the eatwell plate?

The Eatwell plate is a food guide showing the proportion and types of foods that are needed to make up a healthy balanced diet. It has been produced by the Food Standard
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Why should you follow the eatwell plate?

because if you have to much of one or more catorgary you will go either over weight or under and that could cause some illnesses, I dont know the names of the illnesses so you