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What three major functions of business organization can you enumerate and explain briefly?

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What are the 3 major functional areas of business organization?

Three main functional areas of a bsiness are HR (Human Resource) very important if you want to address the needs of your employees as well as managing company staffing require

Briefly explain the three punic wars?

The 3 punic wars were fought over many years and involved rome and carthage. The two fought for supermancy in the west, and the wars ended with the complete defeat of the cart

Explain briefly about line organization?

My take on line organization. For some people its coke, but for me it was in fourth grade playing red rover we call over............?

Using a diagram briefly explain the layout and functioning of a nuclear power station In your answer refer to the three separate water circuits?

The three water circuits in the nuclear plant are the primary coolant, the secondary or main steam circuit, and the tertiary or condenser cooling system. Below is link to a fa

What is HACCP and explain briefly its function?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Itsfunction can be briefly explained as the process in which thehandling, production and storage of food is carried ou