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What type of trees were used for canoes?

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red wood

The most common type where available was birch.
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What type of tree is used to make bows?

I'm by no means a proffessional bowyer, in fact I'm hardly a bowyer at all. But I do enjoy self-made bows quite a bit and take a lot of fun from trying to make my own. There a

What type of bat does Robinson Cano use?

Robinson Cano uses several different bats. Two of them i know is thee Sam bat, the bat he hit a 2 shot home-run in the 10th inning against the Dogers on June 27, 2010. And Raw

When did the native Americans use canoes?

Many tribes of native Americans never used canoes because their environment did not permit their use. On the coasts, along major waterways and in areas with many lakes canoes

What do native Indians use canoe for?

Native Americans used canoes for much of the same reasons that we use them today: Fishing, travel, trading, recreation (to name a few).

What type of tree was used in the crucifixion?

  There is a legend that it was a dogwood tree. That is why dogwoods are crooked , because the lord said nobody would ever be crucified on a dogwood again.   Answer

How did American Indians use canoe?

Well, they propelled them using paddles. As for what they used them FOR, it was usually either just as a means of transport to get across a body of water, or for fishing- some