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What types of arrow tips are there?

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3 basic types: target points, field tips and broadheads(for hunting). For small game hunting: blunt tips, judo points and bird snares.
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What type of Bow does the green arrow use in Smallville?

  He's using a PSE MOJO with NRG cams. His bow is painted green with chrome limbs. The hunting versions are all dipped in a camo film while the target bows are anodized in

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Describe three or more different types of arrows?

Materials: Wooden, Aluminium, Carbon, Plastic, Fibre Glass Types: Competition arrows, hunting arrows, signalling arrows, all can be made from above but have different arrow he

How do you make arrow tips in RuneScape?

  To make any type of arrow tips you need to have a hammer, 1 bar of your prefered metal for every 15 arrow tips you wish to make and an anvil to use the bar on. Once you

What is the tip of the arrow called?

That depends on which end: the plastic thing where your fletchings are is called a nock. The front piece where you put the tip on is a arrowhead or point.

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Depends on location. Flint, obsidian, chert are some types of stones used. ======= Additional information: Native Americans only used wood, stone and bone to make arrowhead