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What types of arrow tips are there?

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3 basic types: target points, field tips and broadheads(for hunting). For small game hunting: blunt tips, judo points and bird snares.
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Why is the tip of an arrow pointed?

  An arrow tip for shooting wooden targets with an archery arrow and retrieving said arrow and said arrow tip from said wooden target. The arrow tip having, a penetrating

What type of arrow tip does a child use for target practice?

a child should not use broad heads or anything with a sharp cutting blade. my son is 13 and he uses feild tips to shoot target practice. my son also uses feild tips for grouse

How do you make arrow tips in RuneScape?

  To make any type of arrow tips you need to have a hammer, 1 bar of your prefered metal for every 15 arrow tips you wish to make and an anvil to use the bar on. Once you

How do you attach an arrow tip on the shaft on runescape?

First, you'll have to add feathers to the arrow shafts before attaching arrow tips. Feathers of any specimen will do -- chickens, bird snared birds, etc.