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What unzips the double helix of DNA?

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The enzyme helicase.
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Why is DNA a double helix?

That happens to be the shape formed when the two strands are electrostatically bonded and is due to the arrangement of atoms, the number of bond- and lone-pairs of electrons,

Who discovered the double helix shape of DNA?

Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin, along with Ray Gosling, Alec  Stokes, Herbert Wilson, and others at King's College in London,  were integral to the discovery of DNA's

Why is the DNA double helix uniform in diameter?

Each of the base pairs is formed with a purine and a pyrimidine. Even though the size of a purine differs from the size of a pyrimidine, the sum of these sizes is the same. In

Why is DNA called a double helix?

Its structure is two spirals interlaced; double meaning two, helix being the technical word for such a shape.    DNA is known as the double helix because it coils up into

Is human mitochondrial DNA a double helix?

Well, all DNA in humans form double helices. However, the genetic material for mitochondria does not take up an entire length of DNA. The gene for mitochondria will only take

What does a double helix in DNA is held together by?

  First off - it is important to understand that a nucleotide (the monomer of DNA) is composed of 3 things: a sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base.   Next -
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Who discovered the double helix structure of DNA?

Rosalind Franklin is credited with her substantial contributions to determining the double-helix structure of DNA via X-ray diffraction with the help of Maurice Wilkins. The