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What value in todays dollar amount would 30 pieces of silver equal that was used during the time of Jesus Christ?

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There are a couple of ways to solve this. The 30 pieces of Silver were probably denarii. The modern day purchasing power of a denarii is valued at about US$20. That would make the 30 pieces to value about $600.
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What is the value of a US silver dollar?

Short answer: At least one dollar, but possibly much more. There are several different types of US "silver dollars" -- more information is needed. For Eisenhower dollars

What is the value of thirty pieces of silver Judas received for Jesus?

$19.20, about 113 days' wages of the common laborer at .17 cents a day. Obviously, you couldn't hire a laborer today for that much, so what would today's value work out to be

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What is the value of silver in a US silver dollar?

Dollar coins dated 1935 and earlier contain about 24 gm of silver, or about 0.773 troy ounces. Check the current retail price of silver (it changes every day, so search for SP

What is the silver value of a us silver dollar?

Answer #1   A true silver dollar dated 1935 or earlier contains about 24 gm of  silver, so its silver is worth about 0.77 times the current price  of an ounce of silver

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How much would the 30 pieces of silver that Judas got for Jesus be worth today?

If it was scientifically proven to be the ACTUAL silver Judas gave (which is impossible, buts so is everything in the bible so we are on the right track in 1 way). But if it w

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How much of todays dollars is the 30 pieces of silver that Judas used to betray Jesus?

The 'piece of silver' was called a denarius by the Romans and it was the usual pay for a day of work by a common laborer. Today, a day laborer (non-union and not contracted) m